The perfect hairstyle to upgrade your classic ponytail this summer!

Tired of the classic queue? Do you want to adopt a new and trendy hairstyle this summer? Allow yourself to be seduced by a braided ponytail! Adopted by so many celebs, like our favorite esthetician, Bella Hadid, the Medusa ponytail is the new hair look who dares to urgently pump a good dose of styling into your hair. So why opt for a simple ponytail when you can have a great braided ponytail this summer?

Medusa ponytail: a trendy hairstyle that will make you forget about the classic ponytail

In the summer, nothing better than a cute long tail to beat the summer heat in style. However, this season, do you want to upgrade it? It turned out to be good! The ponytail is modern, timeless, and endlessly available. So, after a bubble ponytail and half up ponytail, go all-out on your Medusa ponytail! Why such a scary name? Well, because this change is inspired by the tentacles of a jellyfish. Doesn’t that sound charming to you? Reassure yourself quickly! The new trendy hairstyle right now is really hot. In addition, it is suitable for all hair types.

Medusa’s ponytail: what is it and for whom?

Medusa Tutorial Braided Ponytail Hairstyle Spring Summer 2022

What exactly is Medusa horsetail? How is this achieved? Is it for everyone? To get the latest hairstyle right now, there is nothing simpler than that. Just make a classic ponytail, add some retro mini braids and voila! As for his strange name, it is true that he is not the coolest. However, this beauty is already ubiquitous and does not leave anyone indifferent.

Trendy hairstyle Medusa braided ponytail Bella Hadid's ponytail

But why this enthusiasm? First, because it’s been a while since our favorite Instagrammers have reinvented a trendy and timeless hairstyle that works for everyone. And then, above all else, a braided ponytail is very easy to achieve. Yes, even curly girls can make it themselves. Here’s a quick tutorial to make yourself successful and save a bad hair day.

How to make Medusa's ponytail on long straight hair

A hairstyle that can be adopted everywhere: at work, in the evening, but also at festivals. So, are you trying? The trendy and original braided ponytail is very easy to do. To avoid loss, it is better to do this on oily hair. Here are the main steps to follow:

  • Start by brushing the mane of your head straight. Pull it well to form a good high tail. If your hair is clean, consider styling it with a dry shampoo.
  • Use hairspray or styling gel to flatten hair and prevent frizz.
  • Once your face is clear, all you have to do is braid your tail lengths and you’re done!

Medusa braided ponytail tutorial

Note: Jellyfish tails can be worked on high quilts. And if some modern girls choose two braids, others like Rihanna, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid bet on several small braids. For textures, get a handful of small rubber bands, a giant hair tie, a brush, and styling gel. Now, focus on the other stars who updated the trendy hairstyle of the 2000s.


Rosalia wears a high ponytail Medusa

Sera Uday

Medusa's ponytail braided on short blonde hair

Miley Cyrus

Miley Ceres Medusa's high tail


Rihanna's trendy Medusa ponytail summer 2022

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid adopts a Medusa ponytail

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