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The beginning of the year not only makes us want to change our lives, but also to change our heads, right? Tapered, droopy, curly or boyish… The women’s short haircut for 2020 is definitely the makeover you need to start the year in style. Whether you want to make a drastic makeover or give volume to fine, flat hair, it’s time to indulge yourself just as some of our favorite stars have already done.

Women’s Short Haircut 2020: Ideas to Consult Before Switching to Sharp Scissors

Why do we always talk about going back to the short haircut? Well, simply because it is timeless which, honestly, has never left us! Long with men, short hair quickly democratized and became an undisputed symbol of femininity and sophistication. In short, this trend that has conquered many fashion shows over the past few years and will continue to delight makeup artists in 2020!

The arena and its many aspects

Short Square Haircut For Women 2020 Emilia Clarke

It is known that there was a period when all models wore their hair long, when they had to match a certain image. But thanks to the square cut and all its shapes, this is thankfully no longer the case. Long, medium length, very short, wet-looking, with or without fringe … bend according to everyone’s wishes! What’s more, it meshes nicely with the shaving trend. So you can adopt it in a plunging way with an open neck.

Pot cutting won’t be tacky in 2020!

Charlize Theron's Rock chic look bowl Short shave

Yes, the bowl cut has been worn at parades and on the red carpet for a few seasons now. Shorter or longer in the front, it always has little effect. Its classic look lends a rocky look to the look. So it’s not at all surprising that this cut is one of Charlize Theron’s favorite looks! Not convinced yet? Our gallery will probably change your mind!

XXS Cut Boys

Boys' hairstyles with short afro hair 2020 fashion

A radical change worth it, the boyish cut is no longer intended for gentlemen. The simple, yet original, haircut for women is definitely the new hair trend that has already graced many skulls. In addition to decoding all the models, “Buzz Cut” tempts everyone, from movie stars to bloggers on social networks. True proof that hair symbols have changed, this short haircut for women is irresistible and even more trendy if accompanied by beautiful coloring.

Head Shaving Trend 2020

Women's haircut 2020 tips pleasing an oval face look

A true master key, the shaved head puts an end to brushes and styling products, by highlighting all your assets, just like a Pixie cut. On top of that, it adapts to all hair types, from the finest to the thickest… They have the right to do so! However, the XXS cut requires careful makeup! In other words, accentuating the eyes and lips is a must! Skin tone, including the complexion of the neck, should also not be neglected.

What is the short haircut for oval faces?

Audrey Tautou

When choosing to change hair, it is necessary to choose your haircut according to the shape of the face. Moreover, if you are one of those women with oval faces, then luck is definitely on your side! Simply because you can enjoy the short haircut in all its forms without hesitation! Best bet? Cut the genie, of course!

Tilda Swinton's short haircut idea for an older woman

A true alluring look, this haircut will accentuate every feature of your face. Even if you have a high forehead, you can always opt for the longer version while still letting some strands fall above your eyebrows. Feminizing and rejuvenating, the Pixie cut is a great choice for women over 40.

Short haircuts according to the shape of a square face, Tessa Thompson

On the other hand, round faces should opt for a look with a line in the forehead and lengths framing the little face. And while sheer volume remains a safe bet for ladies with rectangular faces, the baggy forehead lengthens and enhances square heads.

What color enhances the women’s short haircut 2020?

Coloring Short Pink Hair Plunge Square Trend Women 2020

Natural color or modern color? In short, you can try just about anything. Her rocky and modern side gives her enough confidence to experiment with bold colors like rosy brown, ashy blonde or platinum. The only drawback? When the hair is shorter, root growth is faster and more noticeable.

A pixie cut with an exposed butt and shaved sides

Pixie Cut with Shaved Sides Scarlett Johansson Short Haircut 2020

short and hairy

What color is a woman cutting short hair 2020

Short and asymmetrical bob

Asymmetrical Square Women's Hair Trends 2020

Bob’s decadence with a side parting

Plunge short asymmetric bob for women 2020

Bella Hadid’s classic bob

Short Hair Styles 2020

Short square cut on wavy hair

short wavy hair bob

Dua Lipa Bob Taher

Dua Lipa Smooth Square Hair Trends For Women 2020

Baby fringe and short bob

2020 short square woman with bangs

Wavy and slightly sloppy

short slightly wavy bob

The classic square is always trendy

short short haircuts 2020

How to style a Pixie cut on fine hair?

Short hair styles for women fashion 2020

Curly square – the perfect geometric balance for hair!

Short square on curly hair

Venetian blonde and waves to enhance the drowning bob

Wavy square trend short haircut woman

Long pixie cut

Women's short shorts 2020

Flat and dynamic short cut

Short haircut with large locks on the sides for women 2020

Smooth, short and sink

Short square haircut with center parting 2020

Short straight hair cut

Short cut, shaved on both sides with a large afro closure

Short afro haircut, shaved sides

XXS Cut for fine hair

Flat short cut with side parting for women with fine hair

Flattened again short square

Short story on the ground fashion 2020

short afro hair cut

Short hair cut for women 2020

Boyish cut enhanced in platinum blonde

Cut a boy woman 2020

Afro-boyish haircut blonde coloring

pixie blonde hair cut for women 2020

Long pixie cut with fluffy hair

Janelle Monae Pixie cut with thick straight hair

Blonde Pixie Cut Women's Trends 2020

Short Hair Styles 2020

Shaggy haircut woman pixie hair 2020

pixie cut on afro hair

Any hairstylist for a painted pixie cut

Degraded shortcut

What short haircut to adopt in 2020

A pixie cut with wispy bangs falling to the side

Pixie cut with a strand on the forehead fine hair old woman

Cut the bowl with a short bang

Women's Pot Cut Trends 2020

Boyish cut with a wet shaggy effect

Wet Look Boy Cut Woman 2020

Curly headpiece: XXS square on curly hair

short haircuts 2020

Boyish cut and wet effect, a duo of the finest

Women's Fashion Cut 2020

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