The father accepts that his daughter cut her hair very short behind his wife’s back, she is very angry with him

Seeing his daughter in a daze at her long hair that she hates, her father agreed to let her go to the hairdresser… despite his wife’s disagreement. On a Reddit forum, he says he blames himself for the mother’s reaction, for having cut their child’s hair behind his back, but he also advocates for the rights of the little girl, whom he calls Anna in his testimony. , to choose the pieces he likes.

The daughter hates her hair, her mother loves it

“Anna has thick, blond, curly hair my wife loves. Since she was young, [mon épouse] He spends hours styling it each day, braiding it, straightening it, and arranging it in different ways. Our bathroom cabinets are full of hair lotions, oils, creams, and other products I don’t even know the name of. So I think it’s fair to say that my wife is a bit obsessed with this hair.”This guy explains.

On the other hand, it’s just the opposite for the 8-year-old girl… According to him, she never liked to style her hair, Like anything that requires sitting still for more than a few minutes.Like many children. Before going to the hairdresser, Anna had very long hair, because it came just below her waist. “Although she is very beautiful, she hates when she has to be cleaned, and every morning she and my wife spend their time screaming.” When styling it, says Dad.

He takes his daughter to the hairdresser behind his wife’s back

Tired of long hair she doesn’t like and having to endure long detangling sessions, Anna starts asking to go to the hairdresser. “My wife would ignore her every time the topic came up hoping it would move on, but it didn’t happen. I think Anna understood that she would get nothing but with her mother, because she started asking me to take her to the hairdresser. I was hesitant at first, because I didn’t I didn’t know how my wife would react, but I agreed when I saw how excited this kid was for something as simple as a haircut.”Father says.

Then he took Anna to a hair salon. After browsing through several magazines, the girl chose the haircut she wanted. Schwarzkopf explains that it is a “stripe cut,” a cut made with scissors that allows you to get very short hair, with the possibility of doing a gradient. “I knew I was going to have sex with my wife. But in that moment, there was no turning back. I mean, what could I have done? Tell her no, she couldn’t get the haircut that made her so happy because her mom wouldn’t like it?” I couldn’t do that”He says.

So the father left it up and says his daughter was absolutely radiant after that: “She would walk into the hair salon showing it to everyone and even asking me to take a lot of pictures when she usually hates being photographed. We got a rude comment from an older woman, something like ‘We don’t even know if it’s a girl or a boy anymore,’ but Anna was So happy to cut it that she didn’t even notice, and if you notice she doesn’t care.”

Mom is angry about her daughter’s haircut

This father was very happy to see his daughter overflowing with happiness. Unfortunately, he knew that things would not go well with his wife. When she came home from work, “She refused to look at Anna, locked herself in her room to cry and then took the car and left.” “It’s been a day and she hasn’t come back yet, it’s starting to worry me. I knew she wouldn’t react well to the haircut, but I wasn’t expecting that.” My daughter is also upset now, no matter how hard I try to reassure her, she thinks she will be reprimanded for cutting her hair.”Father says.

He asks on the forum: “Am I wrong? I realize how attached my wife is to Anna’s hair, but in the end I think it’s just hair. This kid is old enough to decide what she wants and was really happy with this haircut, so I don’t think I did anything wrong.”

For netizens, this dad was right to accept that his daughter had her hair cut. “What your wife did and continues to do is send a message to Anna that her body is not her body and that despite her own desires, she should communicate other people’s feelings about what she does with her body first. Is that really the message you want your daughter to know?”, responds to the user. Some also point out that a mother should not regard her daughter as a souvenir and that the fact that she is attached to her hair to the point of leaving the house is unhealthy. However, many also point out that although the father is not at fault in the matter of shaving, he should have discussed the matter with his wife: “I think you’re a bit wrong, but not to let your child get the haircut he wants, that’s fine. On the other hand, you were wrong for not taking the time and effort to chat with your wife first, see why she was tied to her hair […] And look for a solution.

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