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Whatever the season, there is always a good time to embrace short hair. Now that it’s 2021, little hair stylers are eager to discover the major trends the hair world has in store for them in the coming months. Fortunately, the 2021 short haircut for women remains a winning option for elegant ladies who want to adopt the best hairstyle. Many models, actresses, singers, and IT girls have already said goodbye to their tall man sporting the latest versions of the awesome Pixie or Bob story. So leave your comfort zone and choose your new hairstyle from our selection of trendy short haircuts!

Women’s Short Haircut 2021: What do the trends have in store for us?

The 2021 trends have a lot of hair changes in store for us, from coloring to length, including the style of the bangs and the cut itself. Both the super soft, flawless short bob and its “submersible and relaxed” version will both be in the spotlight. And ultra-short haircuts will not go out of fashion this year. His marginal majesty will present us with an array of variants, from the strictest to the most daring. Added to this is the 2021 Canon Colors that have it all.

Women’s Short Haircut 2021: Vintage French Bob

Short Haircuts 2021 French Vintage Bob Bangs

Rebellious and ultra-chic, the iconic square cut is constantly being reinvented. To start 2021 in style, chic girls embrace it with a retro version. Very bold yet especially elegant, the sophisticated cut square doesn’t just barely reach or go above the jawline gently. Curtain bangs complement this cool retro hairstyle beautifully. In fact, this version of the arena was popular in the 1920s and 1930s, and more recently, it has started to emerge and is becoming a top trend for the coming months.

Stylish short square to wear for any occasion

Short haircut for women 2021 elegant and short square

Want to adopt the most popular women’s short haircut? Therefore, the short square should be preferred. It is elegant and timeless, and can be worn for any occasion. Whether you like its wavy, decadent or soft version, this 2021 short haircut gives you the freedom to be creative every day.

Short curly bob on curly hair

Short Curly Hair Bob Kinky Curly Side Bangs Blunt Bob Yara Shahidi

What about the 2021 women’s short haircut for coarse hair? The answer is always the same: a short, curly bob. With the right styling product, you will be able to tame rebellious curls without any problem. So, don’t hesitate anymore and adopt this gorgeous short bob that promises you a drastic change of look. Don’t hesitate to go for curly side-swept bangs like Yara Shahidi did.

Short sleek bob in asymmetric version

Dua Lipa Asymmetrical Sleek Short Bob

The theme of the short square, its asymmetric version is still far from leaving the front of the stage. The flattering length only highlights the jawline and feminine features. This immortal Bob works just as well in a smooth version as in the wavy version.

The short blonde square in 3 gorgeous red carpet versions

Margot Robbie Greta Gerwig Saoirse Ronan

Hollywood stars love to experiment and never hesitate to change up their looks. Thus, the timeless square cut transforms by adapting to the personality of the lady who adopts it, and of course with her morphology. From Greta Gerwig’s ultra-short bob with side bangs to Sawyers Ronan’s soft and simple bob, through Margot Robbie’s sleek, slightly wavy bob: the stars give us plenty of hair inspiration!

Tapered pixie cut

Short haircut for women 2021 Ursula Corbero wig haircut

The Pixie cut is a great choice for bold ladies who want to stand out from the crowd. This boy’s piece can be worn in any season. It’s very practical in the summer, when we need a little extra freshness, whether at the beach or at a seaside bar. In the winter, extra-short hair allows us to wear our favorite winter hat while still staying stylish. Pixie’s haircut goes great with fragile romantic bangs, like actress Ursula Corbero does.

Dare on the Little Margin: The Perfect Detail to Flatten the Pixie Story

Zoe Kravitz's micro pixie cut bangs

The arrival of 2021 is the perfect time to experiment with your look. If you have a diamond-shaped face, like actress and singer Zoë Kravitz, a Pixie cut is perfect for showing off your best features. Dare the little margin that will climb you the most.

The fringed short square: a classic and elegant cut

Zendaya's classic soft short square cut straight bangs

If you are afraid of very short cuts, then the French square will definitely suit you. In the smooth or wavy version, build it according to your personal desires. You only have one choice to make: bangs type. Are straight bangs for you? Or rather do you want to dare to fringe the curtain? To make sure that you are not mistaken, we advise you to refer to our article “Any Bangs For Any Face. Which will serve as your guide.

The Kaiser cut into a female version

Rihanna's Caesar women's cut

Many women dare boyish or “crop” cuts. Practical to live with, this hair style exudes assertiveness. So it is perfect for bold women who know what they want. From the Pixie cut to the so-called Caesar cut, the versions are multiple and adapt to individual conformation and lifestyle. Rihanna’s Caesar cut, for example, highlights the singer’s oval face and feminine features.

Dare the timeless curly bob in a short version

Short Curly Bob Katherine Heigl

Bob has earned a reputation as a versatile and timeless cut, and for good reason. In addition to being easy to maintain, Bob allows you to enjoy a different hairstyle depending on your mood. In this arrangement of ideas, it is enough to arm yourself with a straightening iron to achieve some curls in your hair. Your sleek square has already been transformed into a gorgeous wavy bob.

A copy of the retro-inspired square and spicy ginger color

Vintage Square Cut 50s Queens Gambit Beth Harmon Netflix

If you’re a fan of the Netflix mini-series “The Queen’s Gambit,” you’re sure to be fascinated by young chess house prodigy Beth Harmon. The actress has a vintage 1950s hairstyle that is both bold and elegant. If the idea of ​​adopting an old haircut tempts you, the idea in question demands your full attention. The icing on the cake: the spicy ginger coloring that has the power to make skin simple!

The wet effect perfectly cuts the bob

short hair wet bob

Enhance your hairstyle by sliding your hair back or to the side. This way, you are accentuating your bob cut but also your face. No need to wear accessories: your hairstyle will be perfect as is.

Short blond square with visible roots

Ciara Dark Roots blonde short bob shave

The hairstyle is as elegant as it is simple and is the perfect choice for elegant ladies who always look flawless. Exposed roots on blonde hair that we tend to consider ugly, we no longer hide it. exactly the contrary ! We proudly display her by making her short story even more trendy.

Pixie cut in platinum blonde

Michelle Williams' platinum blonde pixie cut

Looking for ideas to improve your Pixie’s cut? Why not bet on a trendy color? Titanium hair and copper hair are among the hottest trends of the year.

tapered pixie cut

boy cut pointy rose sapphire

Curly bob is still in the spotlight

Kerry Washington asymmetric curly bob

2021 is definitely the year of short haircuts. So, if you have been dreaming of changing your hair in a fashionable way, don’t hesitate anymore and use a feminine and elegant curly box. With or without bangs, your hairstyle will not leave anyone indifferent. For even more impact, dare the asymmetric version as did actress Kerry Washington.

Short and gray square: the winning duo

Short hair cut 2021 curly gray hair

If you plan to adopt a modern concise style, the square is an excellent option to start the year in style. And to enhance your look even more, you need a beautiful modern color. Smoky hair is a color with a smoky effect that promises to change the color trends of the year. So it deserves your attention, especially if you want to be on the lookout for trends.

Boyish cut in platinum blonde

platinum blonde pixie cut

An elegant version of the Pixie cut for brunettes

Short Haircut 2021 Anne Hathaway's pixie haircut

Degraded pixie cut the long wick

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