The beauty of short shaded hair and why is it so popular

Short hair, which lacks length, is often described as “boring” and “hard to style.” Although very wrong! The edges, the side locks, the faded effects, the colors—there are plenty of ways to spice up your complexion, despite the lack of materials. Signature short hair is an excellent solution to give life and benefit to your hair.

Today there are many hair techniques to give your hair a new look. However, the oldest one is making wicks. This is a fairly straightforward technique where the highlights appear in a rather prominent way. Then we play on contrast to create movement and sublimate her short hair with a bolder, more rebellious and dynamic look. To brighten the face, we’ll naturally bet on blond locks, while to emphasize his features, as if to accentuate his “tomboy” (hooded boy) personality, darker locks will be in the spotlight.

Arctic blonde highlights on platinum blonde hair

Why highlight short hair?

Apart from its own aesthetic character, short shaded hair has many other advantages. Firstly, even if it is desirable to get highlights at the hairdresser, using the right dye and tools, it is quite possible to get the same result at home. That’s right, because this type of coloring does not require going down to the roots of the hair, which facilitates the process, not to re-grow them. The color shift created by contrasting locks is also very useful for creating the effect of relief and volume. Fine hair is the biggest beneficiary because it is rejuvenated and visually thicker. Yes, it is not a color that has a very natural effect, but it is very elegant and modern.

Shaggy blonde lock for a rebel look

Lock the short hair of the asymmetric blond hair on the forehead of the long pixie

Balayage on short hair

If you’re betting on a more realistic show, then let yourself be tempted by sweeping on short hair. However, unlike locks that can be relied on for the shortest lengths, sweeping is very difficult to perform on short hair. For this particular reason, we prefer cuts like long pixies and even square ones instead. The latter have the advantage that they still have few lengths, due to which the unattractive appearance of the tiger can be avoided. To make a sweep for short hair, we start at the natural color at the level of the roots and then lighten the lengths by one or two tones. So we play on subtle coloration to trick the perception of the natural appearance of the hair fiber. In order to reconcile the trend with the originality, the blonde man will be further enhanced by a California or honey sweep. For brunettes, moreover, auburn, copper, chocolate and caramel color will be in order.

Caramel sweeps on short hair in a square

blonde balayage on short square blonde woman highlights short blonde woman modern haircuts

short hair shaded hair

Likewise, when you want to adopt shaded hair, a minimum length is also required. The best is to choose the square, because the shaded square usually features three different shades of the same hair color. At the level of the roots, the natural pigment is preserved and then develops to a medium shade in the middle of the hair mass and lighter towards the ends. Thus, a gentle decomposing effect is spread along the hair fiber, creating a progressive, natural and aesthetic effect. There, then, the worries of regrowth are spared and the illusion of size is sought again.

Dark blond ombre on dark brown hair

Modern haircut woman shaded chestnut color gradient effect

Short haircut for women from 50 to 60

A short cut with locks is also very relevant for mature women of 50, 60, 70 years old. Over the years, hair gradually loses its luster, strength and density, the taste for short haircuts increases as the age of 50 approaches. We got them draped, decadent, we swiped a lock on the side, all in order to restore volume to her dull, stiff hair. Finally, we also add some colored streaks, always with the intention of thwarting the perception and increasing the intensity. To maximize this effect, use several agglomeration techniques simultaneously.

How do locks count at 50?

Short haircut for 50 year old woman is blonde wick from the front and pixie for volume

And in 60?

Haircut for a 60-year-old woman with arctic blonde locks and volume on top

Short haircut for women 2022 pixie fashion Jennifer Lawrence cut with blonde highlights

Thin blonde highlights on brown hair

Ruby rose woman short pixie haircut with fine blonde locks and volume on top

Highlighting short hair with many beautiful features

Example of brunette highlights short wavy hair with volume

Short haired bob haircut woman highlighted how to do light blonde highlights on light brown

Short bouncy square cut with blonde highlights on signature short brown hair

Blonde locks on a very feminine long pixie

Short haircut for fine hair with blonde locks and side wicks

Women's Short Haircut 2022 Side Wicks and Blonde Wicks on Dark Brown

Blonde woman short hair cut highlights pixie chestnut long pixie cut Punk

Pink wicks? why not ?

Short Shaggy Haircut 2022 With Purple Stripes

A very elegant short haircut for the modern woman with arctic blonde locks

flaming red locks

meches auburn coliration for 50 year old short tapered haircut woman

Blonde and blue highlights on dark brown short hair trendy women's bixie square cut

Modern short women's haircut with caramel highlights on short hair

Blond highlights on brown 0 Modern short pixie cut woman with curls for volume hair

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