Square hairstyles for women over 50

Choosing your haircut according to your face shape has been a successful strategy for several years now. However, not all looks are created equal when it comes to the number of hair options they can afford. For example, an oval face and a heart can support a large number of very diverse hairstyles. On the other hand, a round facial haircut requires more attention so that the end result is equally attractive. The same goes for the square facial haircut which is likely to turn into a real disaster when not well thought out.

Haircut and square facial hairstyle according to celebrities

By the way, the age of the wearer of the hairstyle is another factor that plays a role because for subjective reasons, styling possibilities become somewhat limited over time. Since the question is so complex, we decided to help you out a bit if you fall into one of these “difficult” categories. So, which square facial haircut should you choose, especially if you are a woman of 50 years or older? As is often the case, Hollywood celebrities have a lot to say about this…

How to choose a haircut according to a square face

As logic dictates, there is one step you should not skip before highlighting the darkness of the square facial haircut. Certainly, one must first know how to determine if one really has a mine of this shape. In general, there are three factors to consider when doing this. If you check at least 2 of the 3 boxes below, then you are the proud owner of a square face.

    • Your face is about the same width as the length (or gives the impression of identical sides)
    • You have a square or flat chin (the jaw line is often very pronounced)
    • Your hairline (which consists of the roots of your hair above the forehead) is straight

Which haircut for a square face to choose?

How to determine the shape of the face and chin square forehead line

Once you’ve confirmed the square shape of your face, it’s time to think about a cut that will accentuate its origins while sifting through its features…well, let’s say a little less attractive. The first “problem” with the physiognomy of this species is that its marital aspects are not perceived as attractive. Remember that an oval is ideal in this context.

Olivia Wilde sure knows how to wear her shiny brown hair

Cut hair according to the shape of the face square face woman Olivia Wilde

Therefore it is necessary to balance the proportions by adding volume up and softening the corners. As you can guess yourself, the easiest way to achieve this effect is to choose a layered cut. If you choose to straighten your hair and draw your parting in the middle, choose a length just below the jawline.

Michelle Pfeiffer and her zig-zag story

Square Face Michelle Pfeiffer Shagg 50 Years Old

In 2020 and 2021, the decadent cut has taken on another great form, namely: the shaggy hairstyle. This shaping is intended for the taut effect to create movement all over the face thus distracting attention from the sharp lines of his lines. The same goes for the asymmetrical short haircut that seems to be making a comeback this year.

Asymmetrical hairstyles make for a nice distraction from too austere lines

Keira Knightley asymmetrical short haircut split on the women's side 30 and 40 years

Lucy Hale chose a wavy bob to create movement around her gorgeous face

Lucy square-faced haircut for a 30-year-old woman

Margot Robbie chooses a blonde lob with an off-center parting creating a faux oval contour


Original ideas for a short haircut for a square face

Boys' haircut, blonde hair, square face, 50-year-old woman

Of course, layered layers don’t have to rest just below or above shoulder length. In fact, the short for a square face is all the rage due to its ability to visually lengthen mine. Even better, it can take on several different forms, each more attractive than the other. Pompadour cut, pixie cut or boyish cut, it’s up to you!

Style your pixie cut at the top to create the illusion of an oval face

Woman cut square facial hair 50 years old pixie

The unisex pompadour cut adds height to square faces

Pompadour unisex haircut square face, fine hair for men and women

Kate Mulgrew, one of the ambassadors for the short square face haircut for women over 50

Square face haircut woman 50 years old Kate Mulgrew

Here’s how to cut hair to add volume in all the right places

What haircut coloring the face of a 50-year-old woman

Square face haircut ideas for 50 year old woman

Square Face Shave Woman 50 Years Platinum Blonde Bob

Romantic curls soften the look of square or rectangular faces

Wavy blonde haircut bob square face woman 50s

Just the right coloring adds to the dynamic effect of a layered cut

Hairstyle and coloring ideas

Kim Cattrall and her pretty blonde shoulder length layered flat with side bangs

Square haircut 50-year-old woman's face disrespectful shoulders side bangs

Nicole Kidman’s red hair not only flatters her skin tone but extends to her features too

square face haircut woman 50 years nocile kidman

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