Split hair: what should I do?

brittle hair dried hair Which has lost its strength”, explains Olivier Lebrun, hairdresser at the Head Studio of Olab Paris. The fragility of the capillaries can be caused by external factors (ultraviolet rays, pollution, etc.), lifestyle, or again, frequent aggressive treatments : Excessively cleansing shampoos, chemical stains, excessive use of hair dryers and hot appliances, extreme brushing, etc.

“Hair is brittle and Really tired when that breaks mid-lengthsays the hairdresser. It is different from hair with damaged ends.” And adding: “Losing a little hair per day is not a sign of hair fragility either. “Let’s remember that healthy hair naturally loses between 100 and 150 hairs a day. So don’t worry if you find hair clinging to your brush regularly, in the shower or on your pillow, that’s totally normal.

Split hair: the right care for strong hair

To have great looking hair, the first thing to do before entering the bathroom is to pay attention to your diet. “Strong and resistant hair is obtained first of all thanks to balanced plates that provide a maximum of vitamins and trace elements (zinc, iron, vitamins A, B, C, D)”, confirms Olivier Lebrun.

At the same time, a nutritional supplement treatment can be interesting to revitalize out-of-breath hair. Our expert’s favorite brand? Absology, a new generation of cosmetics based on natural and responsible products.

Once in the shower, the challenge is to deeply moisturize the hair to strengthen it. “You can choose treatments that are based on vegetable keratin, an effective ingredient that allows you to do so Strengthening the structure, resistance and elasticity of the hair fiber“, suggests the specialist. In general, all the moisturizing and nourishing active ingredients are good for brittle hair. The shampoo / conditioner / mask routine is ideal for strong hair restoration.

What if I have fine hair? “In order not to weigh them down or stick them, it is possible to apply the mask in the first step,” explains Olivier Lebrun. On lightly damp hair – the medicated water helps penetrate the hair fibres – apply a small amount to each strand and leave until all is absorbed by the hair. Then we continue to use shampoo and conditioner adapted to the problem of brittle hair.

Between washes, apply a few drops of vegetable oil to the lengths (sweet almond, argan, avocado, coconut, etc.) to nourish hair and prevent breakage. We, of course, gently reserve this rich treatment for fine hair.

Split Ends: The Right Steps to Reduce Damage

Comb your hair morning and evening “It’s the first gesture of sponsorship,” emphasizes Olivier Lebrun. Indeed, the use of the brush oxygenates the scalp and redistributes the fat stagnant on the surface of the skull to all lengths. “Sebum is in some way the hair’s life insurance, hairstylist adds. It creates a natural protective barrier that strengthens hair and prevents dryness.” To keep the gesture fun, skip the snap reflexes and make gentle motions, without tugging, beginning to detangle the ends before gradually returning to the roots. Obviously, using a high-quality brush is essential. The right choice? The natural bristle brush, “of untreated wood to avoid electric hair,” identifies the person who made their hairbrush.

Massage your scalp regularly : To stimulate blood microcirculation, supply the roots with oxygen and revitalize the scalp. Let’s not forget, it is at this level that all the mechanisms responsible for good hair growth are triggered. Taking care of it results in stronger and less brittle hair. “There is no need to invest in special brushes. Using the fingertips is more than enough, by making soft, circular gestures,” says Olivier Lebrun. The right rhythm? At least three times a week for at least five minutes. The perfect ritual for healthy hair and relaxed spirits!

Protect your hair from aggression: “Commit to using heat protectant sprays before grabbing a hair dryer or straightener,” the expert stresses. In the summer, it is also recommended to use sunscreen sprays to protect the hair from UV rays that dry out the hair fibres. Interesting ways to counteract the drying effects of pollution on hair.

Prioritize natural care : “Traditional shampoos often contain a lot of silicones that forcibly prevent the hair fibers from breathing well,” explains the hairstylist.

Fragile hair: what not to do

Use accessories that shock the hair : “Beware of rubber bands and alligator clips that break hair, warns Olivier Lebrun. Even rubber bands made of telephone wires should be avoided because the plastic ends up oxidizing over time and weakening the hair.” The best alternative to tying your hair? Specialized Silk tufts of hair are advised to be harmless to the hair fibers and devilishly fashionable! Another “zero-fraction” option? “Wrap your lengths around a Chinese chopstick,” suggests Olivier Lebrun.

Friction with clothes : The expert warns of coat collars and scarves that help break the hair by rubbing. Same for a handbag strap which can tend to “pull” lengths.

Rub your hair a lot when shampooing : “When your hair is brittle/brittle, you shouldn’t ‘mix’ your hair too much when washing it,” recommends Olivier Lebrun. Remember that shampoo is mainly used to cleanse the scalp and wash it with flowing shampoo.

high temperature heaters Straightening irons and/or curling irons drastically dries out the scalp and hair fibres. “That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it, but maybe choose a lower temperature so you don’t damage it too much,” secrets the hairstylist.

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