Speed ​​per day and month, boost it

Hair grows more or less quickly from person to person or from period to period. How does hair growth work? How do you motivate him? Answers with Dr. Jack Smadja, MD, a dermatologist who specializes in hair, at Sapporo Scalp Center at St. Louis Hospital.

How does hair grow?

The visible part of the hair is mainly made up of keratinIt is a natural protein also found in nails. “Apart from the scales of the hair that can open or close at the end, So the hair shaft is not aliveDr. Smadja explains. It’s under the skin, in particular At the level of the bulb, this is the living part of the hair. “The bulb is a group of cells that produce hair by making keratin‘, sets. Speed Therefore, the composition of keratin determines the speed of growth. In addition, of course, there are characteristics associated with genetic heritage. The hair cycle, which corresponds to the age of the hair, is divided into three phases. It starts with The so-called anagen growth phase, which lasts about 4 years for men and 7 years for women‘, points to Dr. Smadja. He is followed by regression phase During which the hair is in a state of delay and no longer grows. Finally, during telogen stage, Hair dies and falls out and then makes way for new hair. “Hair is an organ that has a very important cellular reproduction and therefore requires a lot of energy from the organism.’ concludes Dr. Jack Smadja. For this reason, it can represent the quality of hair growth and its general appearance Indicator of a person’s health condition.

How much hair grows per day?

Hair wins on average 0.33 mm per daysays Dr.

How much hair grows in a month?

“They are growing up about 1 cm Per month‘, adds the dermatologist.

Does hair grow quickly in men as in women?

Mostly hair Grow faster in humans. They also generally grow faster when they are thicker And depending on Characteristics of the health and medical condition to the patient.

Two medicines are prescribed to accelerate hair growth and stimulate the hair cycle In the case of androgenic alopecia.The first is minoxidilIt is applied locally to the scalpIt is used in men and women but in different doses because it can cause hyperacusis. Another treatment, taken orally this time, is Finasteride. “This molecule It is exclusively indicated for men because it is associated with a risk of fetal malformation in the case of pregnancy in women“, determines the dermatologist. Side effects, such as erection problems, decreased libido, or depression, might happen. However, this remains relatively rare (1 to 4% of cases). Finally, other herbal cosmetics can stimulate growth a bit. “But they have not been subject to convincing scientific studies.says the doctor.

Which vitamin promotes hair growth?

Multivitamin supplements can promote hair growth by stimulating the formation of keratin. “You can prescribe supplements based on Vitamin E, C, B, B6, B9, B12, amino acids Like cysteine, folate, and iron‘, details of Dr.Administering this type of supplement is suitable for limited hair loss.” It was the nuances.

Which essential oil promotes hair growth?

The Essential oils or herbal hydrosols, such as rosemary or ylang-ylang It is not part of the prescriptions, but is sometimes recommended to promote hair growth.

Thanks to Dr. Jack Smadja, a dermatologist who specializes in hair, at the Sabouraud Scalp Center at Saint Louis Hospital.

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