Short hair at the party with these 8 hairstyle lessons

Are you proud to play sports in a short square shape or a “pixie” cut? Here are 8 video tutorials to test new hairstyles for the holiday season!

Article published on December 16, 2019

It’s not just long and medium length hair that has the right to show off at Christmas! With a little imagination and a few cleverly placed accessories, a plethora of short hairstyles can also be used to create beautiful holiday hairstyles.

Discover our selection of YouTube tutorial videos to spice up your short hair.

6 Quick Hairstyle Ideas for a Short Pimp Bob

Despite appearances, the short square allows for many simple yet effective hairstyles. Here are six of them that also taste great for being easy to prepare.

Fake bun for very short hair

Who said the bun is for medium and long hair? Here is a tutorial for creating this type of hairstyle with a short haircut.

EASY UPDO Short Hair Tutorial |  Chloe Brown

False braid crown for short hair

Some rubber bands, bun clips, and a bit of elbow grease are all you need to make this synthetic braid crown for short hair.

Holiday halo braid for short hair ◈ Ingrid Nielsen

Pompadour on pixie cut

For a retro look, why not try this voluminous hairstyle inspired by the famous Madame de Pompadour?

Pompadour hair lessons for pixels

3 ideas for a festive hairstyle for wavy hair

Crown twists, a fuzzy bun or even an inverted braid, you’ll find three ideas to simplify your square in this video.

Very cute short hairstyles

Sophisticated ponytail for short hair

If you’re more of a tied-up hair team, here’s a fun and easy hairstyle to ponytail your ponytail this holiday season.

Easy updo for short hair!

3 ideas for a short square hairstyle

Is your straightener collecting dust? Here are three hair styling ideas to liven up a slightly demure short bob.

3 different hairstyles for short hair using a curling iron

Braided crown on a pixie cut

If you have a little time (and patience) ahead of you, feel free to test out one of these two pixie big lock design tutorials.

Kurzy Haar Flichten yacht |  Dutch braid

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