Short curly haircut – a good idea?

Curly hair – a beautiful mess that knows how to impress and attract attention, but is difficult to tame. If you are among those who have this type of hair, it is quite normal to experience some difficulties. So we suggest that you read our article on the short curly haircut to find the perfect hairstyle for you. We also give you some useful tips that will help you tame your hair and bring out its luster.

curly hair beauty

If you want to tie your hair up easily, take out some of the bulk of it, or make it look more casual, it is better to opt for a simple long hairstyle. However, this will certainly reduce the impressive effect of curls, which is worth paying attention to and emphasizing as a gift that many women dream of and that few have.

Before and after short haircut

Short curly hair before and after photo of a girl who cut her hair to size

It’s especially short haircut This will allow you to bring out the potential of your curly or wavy hair. This way you will get the maximum volume possible and the curls are flexible and lively. In addition, short hair is easier to discipline and moderate. We should also not forget the fact that the abbreviation emphasizes and reveals facial features.

The beauty of the eyes, the most prominent of which is the short hairstyle

Short curly haircut for a lady with red hair and blue eyes for the second size

Some people say that strong women should not choose a short haircut because long hair can help us hide some imperfections. However, if you carefully choose the type of short hairstyle, you can find the perfect one for you.

A strong woman with a great hairstyle

Short haircut of a strong woman in a beautiful dress with a ribbon on the resized hair

The right hairstyle is a real joy

Short haircut Strong woman dancing in a beautiful blue dress size res

John Frieda Ruler 2.25 inch

John Frieda is a famous hairstylist who has created a rule by which we can determine the ideal hair length for our face. All we need is a pencil and a ruler.

  1. Start by placing the pen horizontally under your chin.
  2. Then place the ruler vertically under your ear
  3. After you get the angle between the pencil and the ruler, you can see the measurement that the pencil is referring to on the ruler.

How do we derive the result?

In fact, 2.25 inches is 6 centimeters long. If the measurement is less than 6 cm, you can choose a short hairstyle. Otherwise, it is better to choose long hair.

Illustration of John Frieda’s judgment

2021 John Frieda Ruler 2.25 inch size

Different types of short haircuts

If you have already made the decision to cut your hair, now you are faced with another important option. This includes deciding what type of short haircut is best for you.

  • short square Above the shoulders or slightly touching the shoulders is more suitable for small faces, as it accentuates the movement of the head.

short curly hair

Square curly blonde-haired woman who did a short variable volume hairstyle

short wavy hair

Curly square woman with short blond hair has been resized

  • drowning yard They should be chosen by women who have round faces, because it will smooth their figure.

Beautiful square sink

Plunge golden curly square haircut on short, curly hair that has been resized

Diving yard combined with a sweep

Sink curly square haircut for a woman with curly brown hair that has been resized

  • ball yard More suitable for long or oval faces, as they bring the desired volume.

square ball pattern

Very short curly haircut Woman with a ball-sized hairstyle

  • Cut Medium Length Layered It is the perfect choice for those who are not ready to make too drastic changes in their hair length, but still want to do something different or more interesting. This hairstyle will refresh and reveal your face. It combines well with balayage or hair coloring.

Zendaya with a decadent mid-length cut

zendaya sinks in a square curly haircut with variable volume curly hair

The midi length cut adds volume

Medium length curly hair has deteriorated A girl who cut her hair before the photo after resizing it

  • Thevery short cut where boyish pieces It requires keeping a certain length on top of the head. This cut highlights the eyes, lips, and neck. It is a very good way to revive tired hair and start almost from scratch.

Very short curly haircut Red-haired woman with a pixie cut small size

Some tips to maintain the beauty of curls

  • In order not to ruin the shape of the curls, we suggest that you do not use a hair dryer (if possible) but rather let your hair dry naturally.
  • Never detangle and dry it. This should be done immediately after using the conditioner. You should start from the ends, holding the strands with the other hand so as not to pull at the roots. Use a wide tooth comb.
  • You can also use masks and natural vegetable oils to moisturize your hair.
  • As for shampoo, it is best to avoid products containing sulfates and silicone.
  • When changing your hairstyle, keep in mind that for a good result, curly or wavy hair should be cut dry and cut with a strand.

Natural oil for curly hair for styling hair put on almond by volume

Curly Hairstyle A girl cuts her curly hair by drying with resized scissors

What does shaving symbolize?

Cutting your long hair is not an easy decision, but it is also a very special moment. The very desire to cut your hair reveals facts about our personality and the period of our personal lives that we are going through. An external transformation is often an indicator of an internal transformation. We can give many examples of famous films that will prove this.

Mulan- It is one of the famous Walt Disney movies where the girl Mulan makes a very brave decision to go to war in place of her old and sick father. When night falls, she cuts her hair, takes her father’s armor and heads to camp disguised as a man. We see here that the haircut symbolizes courage. Just prefer to use scissors instead of a sword…

Mulan cuts her hair

Short haircut 2021 Mulan cuts her hair with a resized sword

Very short curly mulan haircut with resized short brown hair

uprising – It is the second film in Nell Burger’s “Divergent” series where the main character Tris, whose life is in full development, cuts her hair. She changed her altruistic life into a dangerous one that never ceases to test her courage. It’s a very difficult turn for her, but when circumstances force her to kill one of her friends, Triss realizes that her old life is lost forever. In this case, the haircut symbolizes change and separation from the previous life.

Very Short Curly Haircut Triss cuts her hair with scissors a smaller size

Tris is ready for her new life

Short very curly tresses haircut with short brown hair a second size

Rapunzel – It is another Disney movie featuring the life of a girl Rapunzel who is known for her extraordinarily long hair. They have the magical power to heal wounds, but they bring their owner a lot of trouble. Doesn’t this also apply to real life? Long hair can be magically beautiful, but it also causes a lot of problems. At the end of the film, Rapunzel’s hair is cut, which is an unexpected and very shocking act for viewers, as the girl’s hair length seems to be the main part of her identity. However, we see that it is not poetry that defines our personality, but rather our personality. Rapunzel always remains Rapunzel even with a short hairstyle.

2021 trends for short curly hair

To help you make the best choice, we have prepared for you some pictures that represent the 2021 trends in terms of short hairstyles for curly or wavy hair. You can list them to find the one you like the most.

Short wavy curly haircut for a girl with blue eyes that has been resized

Short haircut for women 2021 blonde with a resized pixie cut

Miley Cyrus with her elegant short hairstyle

Miley Cyrus Women's Short Haircut 2021 Resize

Very Short Hairstyles For Women A girl with short wavy hair has been minimized

How do you style your hair when you have short curly hair?

After moving on to the short haircut, you may be wondering if there are hairstyles for short hair and long hair. The answer is yes! We have prepared for you some easy hairstyles that you can do yourself at home.

curly hair hairstyle ideas to change the volume of curly hair

Very short hairstyle for women How do I style my curly hair that has been resized

Trendy ultra short hairstyle for women with resizable braid

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