Short bohemian hairstyle 2021

From the most rebellious to the most elegant, girls who have adopted the boho chic style can not go unnoticed. Perhaps it was with their fabulous clothes, makeup, and hairstyles that they grabbed all the attention on the streets. Fortunately, this art style will continue its momentum in 2021, which means we will continue to admire its many manifestations and reveal its secrets! For example, the bohemian short hairstyle is in the spotlight today!

Usually when you hear about bohemian chic hairdos, you imagine long, lush mores like those in fairies that appear in fairy tales and this association makes perfect sense. But what about the girls whose modest length of hair doesn’t make mermaids work? Well, the answers are in the gallery to continue!

Lucy Hale bohemian celebrity hairstyle

To get started, we will be examining the best bohemian short hairstyle ideas for everyday wear. Next, we’ll explore easy and cute party hairstyles that you can wear for a special occasion, even the most special one in your life. So, check out the different creative ways to make her look more impressive with the right look or accessories!

Bohemian hairstyle for short hair to wear every day

Short bohemian hairstyle ideas with braids on the sides

Every girl knows very well that the most practical everyday hairstyles involve tying hair. The same goes for a boho or hippie chic style meant for short or medium length hair. In this arrangement of ideas, the arrangement of the side braids and the twisted bun are equal.

How to create a bohemian chic hairstyle for short and medium length hair

Here is a handy photo tutorial showing how to achieve these two bohemian top hairstyles. Don’t worry if the end result doesn’t look elegant… in the end, it’s a bohemian hairstyle for short hair that we’re aiming for and a shaggy look is totally acceptable, not to mention intended.

Shaggy braids are like a bohemian short hairstyle for any occasion

Girls who can’t choose between a twisted bun and crown braids will be happy to discover that there’s also a hybrid variant between the two, which is: a braided bun. Stylish and comfortable at the same time, it makes a frankly great compromise!

bohemian hairstyle idea for very short hair shaved neck

Finally, we are happy to present the perfect everyday option for the most daring ladies, provided that they are not afraid to go beyond the boundaries of a short artistic haircut. The patterned throat butt and long strappy top are just perfect for you!

What accessories to beautify hair in a boho-chic style?

Bohemian short blonde hairdo with golden accessory

The next part will be devoted to inspirational photos of the best accessories to master the bohemian hairstyle for short hair. And since it’s somewhat of a hippie fashion, the bandana, unsurprisingly, compliments the hair par excellence!

Hairstyle-short-bohemian-with-bandana-other-chic-scarface.  jpg

Tied in a butterfly shape to adorn a low ponytail or worn as a tiara to refine a shaggy bun, this little plaid scarf is so cute and practical at the same time!

Simple bohemian hairstyle for short hair scarf tail of medium length

In short, a bandana is a must for any girl with short hair who wants a successful bohemian hairstyle, no matter if she is going to the beach, shopping or just hanging out to chat with her friends.

Bandana is a very imperative boho supplement

Short hair tied with a bandana as an everyday chic boho hairstyle

You can even wear a turban scarf for a more exotic look

bohemian short curly hair hairstyle with turban bandana vichu

bohemian hairstyle for short hair for bride

Bohemian Hairstyle for Short Hair Bride - Messy Low Bun Flowers

Given that a bohemian-chic wedding is still in the wind in 2021, we’re ending our page on a bohemian hairstyle for short hair with some irresistible suggestions for future brides.


If the length of your hair allows it, opt for a voluminous and more or less tousled bun like the one shown in the collage above. Note that this gorgeous bride also wears a pearl headband which makes the end result even more sophisticated.

Boho Chic Style Bride Short Hair - Rhinestone Flower Headband

Another decoration to enhance your “D-Day” boho look is a tiara or headband decorated with rhinestones and flowers. These accessories look elegant and bohemian at the same time giving you an unparalleled aristocratic spirit!

bohemian hairstyles for short hair for bride - flower crown

Finally, don’t forget that the classic flower crown remains the ultimate hippie decoration! It works with any length, color, and shape, which is probably why the majority of brides choose it as the final touch on their special day.

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