Short bob for 50 year old woman

Do you enjoy revisiting your youth with a nice dose of nostalgia? We all tend to do this from time to time! However, we must not forget to live in the present. This also applies to the human appearance, which inevitably evolves over time. Instead of lamenting your beautiful long hair of the past 50 years, think rather than assume the beauty that middle age brings and display it with dignity. Flour yourself with our short bob haircut ideas for 50 year old women – the hair trend that everyone loves.

You may have noticed that at the age of 50 it is rare to see women with long hair? Yes, the years leave their fingerprints, which is inevitable. Thin, coarse, weak hair without shine and volume – the story is known to us. If we then cut the lengths, it is in the hope of revitalizing our hair and restoring the health of the hair. Of course, if you maintain good density, nothing is stopping you from maintaining your beautiful lengths. However, also keep in mind that long hair often weighs down facial features and thus deprives it of its natural radiance.

50-Year-Old Woman’s Short Bob – A Perfect Fit Cut

Why a short haircut for a 50-year-old woman?

On the other hand, a short haircut will give you that youthful look that every woman aspires to. You are then supposed to remove every centimeter of hair at your age. But be careful, this does not mean cutting everything! Too short hair is a trap to avoid. When revealing the face, this tends to highlight small skin imperfections accumulated over the years – wrinkles, pigment spots, etc. For this reason in particular, we prefer to keep some lengths, just to liven up the cut and hairstyles for 50-year-old women. Pixies, short tapered hairstyles, layered or asymmetrical, and of course the short bob – the real star of the day.

The many advantages of a short haircut

Medium length tapered haircut with bangs on the forehead Straight hairstyle

And why a short bob for a 50-year-old woman?

The great thing about the short bob is that it’s short enough to look younger and at the same time – long enough to style and experiment. Slightly thicker hair will benefit from having a very sleek and sleek short box. Hair that is less spared can benefit from the beautiful waves of a curly bob, and the result will be feminine and romantic. Plus, this is a nice way to trick the eye into hair texture and volume. Other than that, the bob cut is easy to maintain and flattering.

Bob cut brings out beauty

Elegant Wavy Square Gradient Medium Length Haircut For Woman

Is this the right haircut for a round/oval/square face?

The answer is yes, the short square cut is able to smooth any face. But while oval-shaped faces can handle just about anything, for the rest, there are certain types of short bobs that are more appropriate than others. Round faces with any element will soften the asymmetry. The wick on the side, asymmetrical bangs, there are several ways to break the curves. In addition, a square face will be rebalanced by cutting a deteriorated square with locks framing the face for lengthening.

With a fringe to remove the length of the face

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What are the short square bangs for mature women?

Fringe, the first ally to camouflage wrinkles, is also welcome on the head. However, not all kinds of bangs are! Similar to long hair, it is not recommended to use long, straight and full bangs. Asymmetrical and pointed bangs in order! The curtain version, for example, is very fashionable and very elegant. It will enhance features and emphasize appearance without weighing down your face.

Asymmetrical asymmetric bangs on a shaggy cut

Short haircut with asymmetrical long bangs idea for a short bohemian tapered square style for an old woman

Why is it important to cut back?

Choose again a degraded and tapered version of the short square cut. Hair at 50 is perfectly straight, we naturally want to give it texture and movement. For this purpose, we tend towards the pointed effect which would add the desired capillary volume. Plus, layering, frizzy highlights, and zigzag touches give it a certain dynamism that’s specific to small cuts.

Paste the pieces to coordinate them

Julie Bowen's medium haircut idea for decadent wavy light blonde hair

What coloring a short haircut after 50?

Finally, since a pretty square by itself can sometimes be not enough, you can play around with color to get a complete rejuvenation effect. This is even more important, because most women in their fifties get their hair done. What we advise you to do is forget about tonal colors, in favor of scanning that will brighten your face. As for the color of the locks, choose them in a lighter shade, but as close as possible to your natural color. This will allow you to distribute visits to the hairdresser because the regrowth will be less noticeable.

Blonde Balayage to look younger

Rejuvenating a 50-year-old blond hairstyle woman's hair

Short Hair Styles For 50 Years Old Women Soft Chestnut Square

Fine hair cut blonde woman 50 years smooth hairstyle

Wave for extra volume on both sides

Short haircut for 50 year old woman short wavy square with parting on the side

Dilapidated medium length haircut idea from a short blond sinking square

Tapered haircut 0 short 50 year old woman with waves on blonde colored hair

Soft square for a French look

Hairstyles that rejuvenate an example of smooth short dark blonde hair

Courtyard Decadent 50-Year-Old Blond Woman Hair Coloring Blond Wool

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Portrait of a middle-aged woman

Dilapidated square cut for dark blond hair hairstyle idea after 50 years

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