Short asymmetrical haircuts 2021 – 30 ideas for diverse hair

Asymmetric acronym is not a phenomenon of yesteryear. No, it’s not a short to long transition when you want to let your hair grow. We are talking about a long cut on one side and a short one on the other at the same time! This twisted hairstyle makes a return to the hair scene every few years, and for good reason. Each time it is somewhat different and with each new appearance it surprises the observer. Here she is once again in the spotlight with a gallery of over 30 aesthetic images that have character!

For every short asymmetrical haircut!

You will find that the asymmetrical short haircut ideas to follow are very different from each other. Of course there are all types of hair, suitable for all hair types, ages and personal tastes! Some hairstyles are hardly “harmonious”, very elegant and therefore ideal as women’s hairstyles for 60 years, for example. Others are avant-garde in shape and color and will suit teenage girls better… Check them all out and choose what works for you without fear of the judgment of the court of public opinion! After all, you only live once, right?

Short Asymmetric Haircut 2021 Shaggy Curly Hair

Let’s start with some variations of the asymmetrical short haircut that, according to bloggers and influencers, is absolutely essential. These are the hairstyles that enhance naturally curly hair as much as possible and give it a tousled look! Finally, good news for all the curly girls who are tired of their inseparable companion, the straightener!

Top Asymmetrical Short Story 2021: Rebellious Braids Return

Short curly hair asymmetrical square cut 2021

Joking aside, an aesthetically-focused cropped cut on curls has been on the way for the past few years, if not decades. All you can see is perfectly straight hair, and a few waves here and there are the only exceptions to the rule. Unfortunately, especially when talking about short haircuts on one side and long haircuts on the other. The so-called bob has totally conquered women’s heads, especially in its version of the smooth bob.

Short curly square hair asymmetric brunette haircut

Fortunately, the straight mane days are in the past as the short, curly asymmetrical haircut is now super trendy. This type of bohemian hairstyle for short hair will make you look rebellious and charming at the same time! Browse the gallery below to discover ten of our many cool avatars!

Messy Look: Irregular curly hair is the latest hair trend

Original idea short asymmetric curly messy effect

Don’t try to tame messy curls, though: Accentuate them!

Short Curly Haircut Asymmetric Cut 2021

The unstructured hairstyle is back with mismatched curls!

Short curly blonde asymmetric hair

The shaggy look in the ’80s asymmetric short haircut

80s Asymmetric Curly Short Bob Haircut

Shaping ideas and coloring to show your new trendy story

Short asymmetrical haircut with bold colorful highlights

Either way, this short asymmetrical haircut with highlights looks great! But when these locks are multiple colors that do not match or if the coloring takes on an unexpected color, the results are even more impressive! Also, you can style your short pink hair in many different ways depending on your mood and desires at the specific moment.

Smooth or wavy, this variable length bob looks super sexy

Short Asymmetrical Haircut Round Face Pink Hair

This layered pink hair with pretty waves is perfect for bold brunettes

Short asymmetrical ombre pink curly haircut

The asymmetrical cropped haircut is more daring when decorated in red

Short, asymmetrical side shaved red haircut

‘Boyish’ style: Show off one shaved side by wearing curls on the other side

Short curly wavy asymmetric haircut

The asymmetrical round face should control the lengths and lengthen the lines

Short Asymmetrical Haircut Round Face Lavender Earring

Gorgeous soft copper hair short asymmetric haircut

A great idea for a short asymmetrical haircut with bangs and blonde locks for fine hair

Short asymmetrical haircut with highlights on soft blonde hair

This ultra-short layered square with a side parting is simply bewitching

Very short cut - side - long - other - asymmetric - haircut - cut

The perfect fake asymmetric short haircut for women with fine hair

Bob Effect - Short - On - Side - Color - Obron - Asymmetric

This version of this hairstyle is well suited for girls with straight hair

Short asymmetric smooth straight haircut black hair

2021 Trends: The asymmetrical pixie story is absolutely adorable!

Very short asymmetrical white hair cut pixie cut

Cutting and bleaching your hair is totally eye-catching

Very short pixie cut asymmetrical bleached white hair

This blue and green color will highlight your asymmetric short haircut

Ultra short asymmetrical blue green pixie haircut

Wear your short auburn hair in a blunt way for a stunning effect!

Ultra short asymmetrical haircut smooth hair pixie cut aubrown coloring

Or choose a more structured layout for special occasions

Very short asymmetrical haircut Smooth hair pixie cut

Hairstyles that are very short on one side and long on the other are ideal for smooth hair

Ultra short haircut with asymmetrical single layers

Short, asymmetrical haircut for women in their fifties inspired by Hollywood stars

Short asymmetrical haircut for women at the age of 50 inspired by Hollywood stars

Christina Hendricks and her super cute copper hair

Christina Hendricks Asymmetric Short Copper Curly Haircut

Carrie Washington wears his black hair asymmetrically

Carrie Washington's Asymmetric Medium Length Curly Haircut

Jane Kachmarek opts for a jaw-dropping cut with soft bangs

Unequal cut 50-year-old woman TV star Jane Kaczmarek's ideas

Wearing his boyish cut gives you a more fresh and youthful atmosphere

Short asymmetrical haircut idea of ​​​​a 50-year-old woman red carpet stars

High compensated parting and beautiful waves for blondes

View all dimensions asymmetrical short haircut for women over 50

Wearing your gray hair with pride is another must-have trend of 2021

Short asymmetric haircut for women over 50 hair salt and gray pepper

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