Shaved head, bowl cut, punk hair… her most rocky and daring hairstyles in pictures

Charlene of Monaco, with her long hair, joins the princely family of Monaco. The former swimmer, who became a princess, has medium-length wheat hair. But a few years after her marriage to Prince Albert, Charlene of Monaco made a drastic change and followed her desires. Forget sintered buns and sassy hairstyles. The princess flies and changes her style. She cuts her hair gradually. During appearances it becomes shorter and shorter and more and more rocky. A pixie cut, short hair enhanced with bangs, a bouncy mini blow-dry, a side-wicking wick… Charlene de Monaco goes through all styles and proves to us that short hair can be styled as desired. The princess knows how to renew herself at this length.

Last December, I went even further. She dared to shave part of her head. Enough to display punk pieces in half a hawk. The princess caused a huge commotion. The whole world analyzes this poetry.

Experts suggest that her bold new hairstyle could be a way for Charlene to calmly communicate her feelings to the public, suggesting that she is feeling liberated and has effectively removed the restrictions imposed on the princely family in Monaco. A psychologist analyzes in columns daily Mail. ” When a member of the royal family changes his appearance as drastically as Princess Charlene of Monaco did, it is a very conscious decision and a sign that he wants to tell the world that something has fundamentally changed in his life. Another adds.

Princess follows her hair wishes

Only later did the Princess of Monaco open up about this topic in columns Point of view. ” This haircut is my decision. He seems to have made all kinds of comments. But it turns out I’ve been wanting it for a long time, love the style, that’s all. “Define:” Of course. Notes “But in the end, what do you do?” ‘But in the end, it’s not a property’, I only know it well. And I have nothing to answer them, except that we are in 2021, and that in these troubled and troubled times there are other, more important topics that deserve our attention. »

The most important opinion in her eyes remains that of her children and her husband, Prince Albert: ” What matters is that Jack and Gabriella love seeing their mother with her new face. And as soon as the first trace of the surprise is gone, the prince understands and loves her too. »

With the strength and courage of the princess she imposes her style: Admittedly, I am probably, of all the royals, the one who has tried the most different hairstyles, but I will continue. It’s my choice. »

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