Salon in Besançon takes the step of non-gender prices

In Besançon in Dobbs, a downtown salon is launching non-gender pricing starting Tuesday, May 10. Whether you are a man or a woman, the note will be the same for the same service.

Are you tired of paying your husband, your boyfriend, less than you to cut his hair short at the hairdresser? she too. Cecile Nory is the barber and barber on the Rue de Lycée in Besançon. Art-Shop now has identical prices for everyone. On the shop window are small illustrations of men and women on each price line, from cut to color.

“I started styling hair 15 years ago, and it has evolved. It’s not traditional hairstyles anymore, we will spend the same time on men’s haircuts as women’s haircuts. Women don’t necessarily find themselves brushing their teeth” She explained. “Before, I wouldn’t dare match prices, the hairdressing world didn’t work that way. If I did today, it’s about my values ​​and not to make a fuss” Cecil warns.

For short hair for example, 28 euros, men’s cut for 25 before. For women, the reduction is 28 euros, compared to 34 previously. Savings of 6 euros, which is especially welcome among young students.

“Among clients, we sometimes hear these remarks, I pay more than a man” The barber remembers the hairdresser. assume. “It is also good for a person to take a small step.” She is thinking.

The hairdresser who got to work after retraining thinks she’s not breaking the market prices. Some of the major hairdressing brands already offer women’s haircuts for less than 30 euros.

In Besançon, however, the Solidarité Femmes association welcomed the initiative for this premiere. What will other professionals think? Will they get there over time? Cecil Norrie hopes so, but it’s up to everyone to decide on their pricing. Prices are free. “I’m lowering the price of women’s hairstyles a little bit in my establishment, and I’m aware of that. It’s such a good thing that we respect each other, we are all passionate about our work, and I’m really making this change in line with my values” The hairstylist ensures that 23 rue Lycée is fixed with his tattoo buddy.

The Hairdressing in Struggle group launched their desire to change the world of hairdressing. He fights against price differences between men and women in salons, but he fights against all forms of discrimination. Offers a “per minute” rate to make pricing fairer. These gender-neutral prices have two advantages, they reduce hairdressing budgets for women. They also make it possible to not stigmatize transgender people, by necessarily specifying a gender for them in the bill.

According to a survey conducted by the Consumers Association, CLCV, Housing Consumer Living Environment, gender parity in pricing has been far from being in place. The survey showed that the “Shampoo – Cut – Hair Styling” package, regardless of hair length, costs an average of 20.46 euros for men and 30.07 euros for women, a difference of almost 47%.

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