Red, the shade that goes back to the hair of the stars

Whether they choose subtle copper highlights, glowing coloring, or sophisticated reddish browns, Redhead is now trending among celebrities. At the beginning of March, it was supermodel Kendall Jenner who caused a sensation at Milan Fashion Week, swapping out her signature brown color for a coppery red. Serial actresses tranceOr Zendaya, Barbie Ferreira, or Sydney Sweeney have recently fallen for red hair colors.

But how did this color – often stigmatized and associated with many stereotypes – become a fashionable color that everyone now wants to adopt?

Red, the color of success in 2022?

“If female stars are dyeing their hair red now, it may be because of many actresses.”bankable“Redheads. Audrey Floro, Jessica Chastain, Julianne Moore … They are actresses with a character,” explains Sylvain Minoret, Carita Show Director. “But it’s surprising to see red now because it’s generally winter, not summer, and there it flips.”

Another possibility: Red would be the best way to stand out. The rare color red represents (only) 2% of the world’s population. “Red hair is a way to stand out by displaying a color that you don’t see everywhere. We’ve seen plenty of blondes and brunettes pop (brown/blond) to bring out some subtle nuances. But in the end everyone looked the same with red, you have such a strong color And uniform, but where the reflections are done spontaneously with the light.

How do you turn red according to your hair color?

The first thing to know before heading to your hairdresser (case indispensable condition To consider this shade: Choose a hairstylist who specializes in color: Red hair is not suitable for all skin tones. “On tanned skin, the result can quickly get poor in taste, which is why I recommend going to your stylist with a picture of the redhead you’d like to have and asking your stylist if it’s possible or not,” defines the professional.

Nuance for adoption in 2022? Sebastian, Carita’s roux expert, recommends going for “A A very elegant natural red that really plays on copper highlights In contrast to the red color we have known about twenty years ago with colors that were reddish.”

If you have a brown base, “you’ll have to go through oxidation colors (a chemical coloring that allows you to lighten, editor’s note) if you want an intense red color, explains the stylist. To give slight coppery reflections to her hair, a botanical coloring would be the best option” because it creates warm reflections automatically”.

Blonde, if you have a light base (about a light blonde), that’s good news: You have the right base for going red, from its shimmery version to softer red, which turns into strawberry blonde. “Vegetable coloring would be more appropriate here because it is very easy to apply, is not aggressive to the hair and gives a perfect, very natural result that keeps the natural base underneath and allows the red color to develop according to this rule.”

The expert warns that on white hair, “you should know that the more you weigh, the more intense the red color, but the color pigments will also last less.”

Finally, if you are afraid to dare a total hair transformation, you can Go subtle with balayages or copper highlights that will give off natural red highlights.

How do you take care of red?

Unlike platinum blonde which requires a lot of maintenance, Red color is easy to maintain on a daily basis even if it remains fragile : “It all depends on the growth of your roots, but in general you can touch up the color every two months,” explains the professional who advises, however, to return 15 days after your color to revive the color with Glitter (luminous patina) or henna milk.

To wash it, use an antioxidant shampoo for color-treated hair because “it is the oxidation that will turn the color.” Then regularly follow up with a shampoo with a nourishing mask because “the less nourished it is, the drier the hair, the more color oxidation, lightening and slippage,” the expert specifies. Another tip to maintain your red color over time: Leave it on the copper pigment mask once a week.

Discover with pictures All the celebrities who decided to go red In the slide show below.

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