Pictures – Hair: The most beautiful short hairstyles for stars to copy according to their morphology

Short hair is on the rise for Spring/Summer 2022! A pixie cut, a boyish square, or a disorganized cut… We are inspired by the famous short hairstyles of the stars to pamper yourself with a makeover before summer.

Charlene de Monaco, Alessandra Sublette, Halle Berry, Victoria Beckham, Lea Seydoux or Emma Watson… they all fell for short hair at least once! presumed style known It brings spice to her looks but also emphasizes her personality. If this haircut is good on paper, it can be intimidating and not many dare to indulge in it. It’s hard to say yes to scissors when you spend your life with long hair.

However, once the hair becomes short, it is difficult to unravel it to regain its length. And for good reason, the shortcut is to ensure you’re on top in all circumstances, It’s easy to do your hair in the morningIncredibly time-saving when you get out of bed, and a way to emphasize your femininity and play with your style without overdoing it. The good news? There is an acronym for all shapes, so needless to say no!

> Get inspired by the most beautiful celebrity hairstyles

What short haircut according to the shape of my face?

If you have a round face like Michelle Williams:
To give structure to a round face, opt for a pixie cut with locks pointed at the front. This contribution of the material will make it possible to improve the curves of the face.

If you have a square face like Keira Knightley: We soften the firm structure of a square face with a short boyish haircut. All volume will be concentrated at the top! To bring more things, we can play Coloring such as Balayage or ombré.

If you have a long face like Sarah Jessica Parker: We had fun with a voluminous, asymmetrical pixie cut to slightly balance the “elongated” side of this conformation. We avoid thinning the wicks which will have the opposite effect!

If you have an oval face like Emma Watson: It seems to be the perfect face shape because everything suits her! Here we shoot loose, very short, tapered locks, big or small bangs, gradient or bob effect… the only limit is your imagination.

> Get inspired by the most beautiful celebrity hairstyles

Should you adapt your short haircut to your hair type?

It is always best to adapt your haircut to your hair type, whether it is straight, thin, curly, textured or thick. why ? To favor visual harmony but also to allow you to take care of it without problems. For example, curly hair requires a different haircut than smooth hair. The physical effect and lengths do not fall out the same way. For curly hair, it is preferable to play with large volumes, which will bring vitality to the cut and brighten the features! Smooth hair will play on the effect of the locks framing the face, to enhance the features and give the cut flexibility.

> Get inspired by the most beautiful celebrity hairstyles

How do I keep my short haircut and I style it?

If you want to stay perfect, keep it short! Visiting a hairdresser should be regular. We go there once every three months (maximum). In terms of care, the same, since a short cut is noticeable, it is better to pamper your hair. Feel free to review your beauty routine by adding care oils Like Orofluido Argan Oil Elixir from Revlon. We apply setting sprays like Maria Nila Hair Styling Spray to ensure that it stays put. We use shampoo, but above all we moisturize with masks and conditioners rich in skin-restoring ingredients.

To add a nice finishing touch, opt for styling accessories like barrettes (which are back in fashion), headbands, headbands, or even head jewelry for a festive look all summer long. You see, adopting a short haircut requires care…and a small budget!

> Get inspired by the most beautiful celebrity hairstyles

Image credits: Norbert Scanella / Panoramic / Bestimage

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