Photo: Wavy and Curly Hair: Which Square Was Made For You?

Dreaming of a square but have curly hair? Know that the two are perfectly compatible! Clément Poiret-Demachy, the show’s new star hairstylist Incredible transformationsshares expert advice with us.

Some hairstyles dream more than others. This is the case of the box This is in all its forms. Let it be short like Kaia Gerberdaughter of Cindy Crawford, or as long as the French singer Aya NakamuraAll women at least once in their life consider a possibility cut their lengths. Unfortunately, there are still many misconceptions about Square. Like the fact that it would be inadvisable, or even prohibited, for women who have wavy curly hair ! Fortunately, we asked advice from Clement Poiret Demachy, star hairstylist from Display Incredible transformations. You will know all about what to do…not what to do!

Wavy for curly hair: which square to adopt?

You have wavy hair to me curly ? Theperfect squareThen gradient square . gives immediately Side somewhat mysterious wild which we love. But why is it not recommended? correct square when we own The Curly hair ? Clement Poiret DemachyHe answers us: “To fall into curly straight hair is to risk that you will end up with a lot of volume at the level of the cheeks and a little above the head. You get the triangle effect, which is not terrible because it has the effect of expanding the face”. So, on the contrary, when we have wavy curly hair It is better It degrades a little in the last centimeters Poetry!

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How to style and maintain curly hair?

if you own The wavy curly hairYou should know: Your hair asks Lots of care and attention . In fact, curly hair inherently drierand needsMaximum hydration . So above all Karim with your care Capillaries And don’t be afraid to have a heavy hand!

Professional advice?Clement always recommends Poiret Demachy Comb your hair before washing it with shampoo . After washing hair, apply it lotion creamwith a comb (eg file Natural Radiance Styling Cream from At Leonor Grill ) Then twist each strand With your fingers to form an English ring. the duty ? “Use a Japanese diffuser, it doesn’t breathe and it’s great”.

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