PHOTO Voluminous Layers: What is Selena Gomez’s new haircut?

Nothing is better than social networking for setting trends! On the account of her brand Rare Beauty, Selena Gomez posted a photo of her new haircut. his nickname? Huge layers!

Selena Gomez she is a queen hair changes. It must be said that the American singer Age 29 years He has no cold eyes! Over the years, it has been noted that it is brown, very long hair, straight then curly, with or without bangs, bleached blonde or with big visible roots… In short, she dares and feels great! Recently, Selena Gomez chose a super trendy look known under the name shag. in the program ? Ultra-working gradient And a fringe inspired by the seventies. excessive success, This razor It went perfectly with the round face of the singer. Yes, but here it is Selena Gomez Looks like she’s already bored, because she just posted on social media Her new hairstyle Which, we must admit, has absolutely nothing to do with the previous one! Evidence with pictures.

Selena Gomez cracks up on her new trendy haircut

Besides being a talented singer and actress, Selena Gomez he is committed young woman. His favorite fights? The Mental health (which I’ve talked about more than once!) But also body position. And if there’s another area in which you excel, it is world of beauty : No wonder she launched her own cosmetics brand named rare beauty ! Spoiler alert It’s exactly on her makeup brand’s Instagram account Selena Gomez Post a new photo. You can see it with haircut who has nothing to do with it the pattern shag that had just occurred.

In fact, in this shot, we can see that Selena Gomez Great lengths sticker brilliant And wavy. And the style of the seventies? He disappeared like magic! If you also want to breed Same haircutAsk your hairdresser for a story huge layers. Anyway, that’s what English speakers call it! Basically, it’s about Medium to long hairgradients of different lengths to create volume effect which we adore!

Well, let’s say, there’s a good chance of that Selena Gomez actually chose for extensionsBut it’s worth a try, isn’t it?

Instagram @rarebeauty

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