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How do you have beautiful hair? What are the best hair care products? Our guide to adopting the right gestures into your hair routine.

Having beautiful hair requires a strict grooming routine with the right products. To help us choose, members of the Prix Beauté Stars jury Madame Figaro They tested the new hair care products released in 2021. Actresses and actresses chose their favorite cosmetics in the field, those who expose themselves to the spotlight with silky hair always to perfection. Among the nominees and winners of this 14th edition in partnership with Sephora, several stood out.

Basic care for beautiful hair

  • Shampoo: This is the foundation of any hair routine. The shampoo removes the scalp, strands of impurities, sebum, pollution and all the particles that have built up since the last wash. It allows the care to penetrate the hair fiber better afterwards.
  • Conditioner: Applied to damp hair, immediately after rinsing out the shampoo, helps detangle hair and provides minimal hydration.
  • Hair Oil or Leave-In Cream: After squeezing or drying your hair, this daily treatment is applied to the lengths to moisturize, nourish and/or make it shine.
  • Thermal protective care: is necessary before using any heating device for hair styling (hair dryer, straightener or curler, etc.), it protects the hair fibers from collateral damage due to heat. Can be applied to dry or wet hair.
  • Hair Mask: Moisturizing, Nourishing, Repairing, Coloring or Shine Boosting… This deeper treatment, practiced once or twice a week, helps improve the health and appearance of hair depending on your needs. Apply to towel dried hair after rinsing off the conditioner.

Best Hair Care Products of 2022

Morocco fog from Morocco Press / Moroccan

Winner in the “Hair Care” category: Morocco fog from Morocco.

Its advantages: This hair spray is formulated with argan oil, vitamin E and anti-UV agents. In just a few sprays, it brings essential fatty acids and a good dose of antioxidants to protect our hair from external aggressors. The plus: its full-bodied amber and soft floral notes transport us to the heart of the Mediterranean.

Kérastase Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo Press / Kérastase

Named in the “Hair Care” category: Kérastase Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo.

Its advantages: This dry shampoo brings a good boost of freshness to her hair and gives it a cleaner look any time of the day (or evening). Its formula based on vitamin E and rice bran absorbs the sebum of the scalp without weighing down the lengths or leaving a white residue. In just a few sprays, it refreshes the hair and gives volume to oily, slightly flat roots. Bonus feature: A refreshing orange blossom fragrance by Nose Fabrice Pellegrin.

Olaplex Bond Intense Hydration Mask #8 Press / Olaplex

Nominated in the “Sephora Innovation Award” category: Bond Intense Moisturizing Mask No. 8 from Olaplex.

Its advantages: “Olaplex” is a patented technology that has the ability to bond broken bridges within the hair caused by colouring, heating and other harsh chemical treatments. This hair mask is infused with this star ingredient, but also other beneficial botanical ingredients like avocado oil, meadowsweet seed oil, rice bran oil, rosehip seed extract, and sunflower seed oil. Ideal for very dry, damaged or color-treated hair, this mask repairs and strengthens damaged hair fibres.

Rene Furterer Absolute Keratin Ultimate Repair Serum Press / Rene Furterer

Named in the “Hair Care” category: Absolute Repair Keratin Serum by Rene Furterer.

Its advantages: This serum is for those who want the freedom to brush, curl, straighten, and color their hair… all while maintaining its vitality and avoiding split ends. Its formula consisting of 99% of natural ingredients is enriched with organic camelina oil produced by French farmers in Auvergne: rich in unsaturated fatty acids (> 80%), this active ingredient nourishes and restores the hair’s natural protection, its hydrolipidic film. It covers keratin peels to completely rebuild the hair fiber.

amazonian beauty solid shampoo for normal hair Press/Beauty Off

His name in the “Hope Award” category: The beauty of amazon solid distressed hair for normal hair.

Its advantages: This solid shampoo is made in the south of France using 100% renewable energy and is plastic-free. Its biodegradable formula, free of any controversial chemicals, consists of organic Inca oil from Peru, along with antioxidant-rich coconut oil that nourishes and moisturizes hair. This ultra-soft, creamy formula is suitable for the most sensitive scalps. Bonus: its 100% natural and organic fragrance produced in Grasse (jasmine, orange blossom, frangipani and vanilla) that transports us to the heart of the Amazon rainforest.

What is the hair routine according to your hair type?

In addition to the basic care products for any hair routine, some additional precautions must be taken into account depending on the nature of your hair.

  • Dry or damaged hair: Products filled with moisturizing active ingredients are preferred. Never skip conditioner with every wash, followed by a mask at least once a week. Don’t forget to brush your hair every evening to distribute the oils and nutrients on the scalp all the way to the ends.
  • Oily hair: A combination of purifying hair products and weekly scalp exfoliation helps control excess oiliness. A dry shampoo applied to the roots can temporarily reduce the “greasy” effect.
  • Fine hair: Avoid oils and textures that are too rich, which may weigh down the hair. Choose intensified skincare ranges.
  • Colored hair: A nourishing and/or antioxidant mask at least once a week will revive hair color and shine.
  • Split Ends: Bath in the oil every week, and cover lengths with product overnight before shampooing the next morning. Avoid using heating appliances as much as possible.

How does your hair grow faster?

It is normal for hair to fall out in small amounts: this is the shedding phase of the hair cycle. This natural phenomenon occurs especially in the fall and spring. Twice a year, during these periods, taking a course of nutritional supplements is a good solution for promoting hair growth. They provide the nutrients and proteins needed for the hair structure. Results appear after one and a half to two months.

Massaging the scalp (with fingers or a brush specially designed for this area) is also effective in stimulating and regrowth of follicles at the roots.

When hair loss is above average, it is advised to consult a doctor.

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