Oily Remedies And Dry Shampoos…Here Are The Good (And Bad) Ideas

Cut her bangs by herself

Yes and no. You don’t have a bang and want to make one? Don’t risk trying the experiment on your own! To find the right height and width for the wick, it takes the eye of a hairstylist. ” However, it is quite possible to touch a fringe that has grown on your own. To learn how to proceed, you can follow a tutorial, it works very well. We look at it several times before launching it, and above all, we don’t start it with kitchen scissors, we invest in a professional tool Hairstylist Delphine Courteille, who regularly gives hair tips during her live videos on Instagram (@delphinecourteille_paris), explains.

The action of “sebaceous therapy”

no. This consists of shampoo spacing, which is a funny idea! If you wash your hair every day and you have dry hair and a sensitive scalp, letting two or three days off can be interesting, because it just means there’s no need to brush as often. But letting oil accumulate on greasy hair will not improve it or regulate the work of the sebaceous gland. On the other hand, it can disturb the balance of the scalp flora and cause it to become sensitized.

Try leave-in conditioners

Yeah. In practice, these products are often used to moisturize and smooth frizz as well as to protect against the heat of the dryer. ” However, you don’t get the same intensity of care as the product you’re rinsing off. “However, if time is short, it is better than nothing,” says Stephanie Mahias, Director of Education at L’Oréal Professionnel.

Is your camp at home

Yeah. It’s the same story as the margin. ” There is no problem with retouching the roots on their own or adopting shades that are almost harmonious with their natural color. Oftentimes, you can get your hair stylist to take your colorist off with you or ask him what product he buys in the supermarket (color type, shade). But embarking on a real transformation or lifestyle is very complex and therefore very risky. We avoid! »

Brushing morning and evening

Yeah. It is the first care gesture that allows the hair and scalp to be rid of dust. Using the airbrush, which more or less follows the shape of the skull, brushing stimulates microcirculation without attacking the scalp, aerating and restoring volume at the roots, while distributing pomade to the lengths. What coats hair naturally.

Use a fall blocker just before washing it

no. She has no real interest since then The product works by capillaries and needs to be completely penetrated to be able to act “, recalls Stephanie Mahias, who advises doing this in the evening before going to bed.” This is the time when you can take longer than in the morning to apply it precisely, or even to massage your scalp a little. In addition, at night, we also benefit from a physiological state that helps cell regeneration. When you wake up, you comb or wash your hair depending on your habits.

Leave your shampoo

Yes and no. The purpose of the shampoo is washing. Therefore, a priori, leaving it is not indicated. ” In some cases, it may be helpful to extend the contact between the product and the scalp a bit, from thirty seconds to one minute, when it comes to soothing the scalp or treating dandruff. “The most important thing for a shampoo whatever is above all else the application, which should target the scalp and not the lengths,” says Stephanie Mahias.

Clean them with baby formula

no. ” An adult’s scalp is completely different from that of a child whose skin is immature. Especially due to the production of fat, which often needs to be regulated and balanced Summarizes Stephanie Mahias. If you want a gentle product, it’s best to use a sulfate-free or soothing formula.

Give up masks on fine hair

no. They also need in-depth care. To get nourishment and repair without putting on weight, follow the Delphine Courtille method: ” Apply the mask to dry hair before shampooing. You can use it right before you shower and let it sit while the soap is washing off, then wash it off. But it’s also possible to do it more often, an hour before you wash your hair, or even overnight if the fibers are too damaged. And of course, the product is only applied to the lengths and ends so as not to weigh down the roots.

Let them air dry

Yeah. It’s ideal when hair sits well on its own, and has no frizz or frizz to control. This avoids the drying heat in the dryer.

Lighten your hair as you age

Yes and no. To smooth the face, Lightening by one to two tones at most. In no way do we go from brown to distinctive golden blond Delphine Cortell recommends. Sometimes it can help darken your hair. ” If you wear light blonde, look for a more natural blonde, which contrasts with your skin tone, and makes you look less tired. ‘,” confirms the hairstylist.

Brush it while it’s still wet

no. This is a gesture that should be prohibited, because you have to heat the fibers for a long time, as a result of which they dry out. It is best to start by carefully removing the excess water by pressing the lengths into the towel. ” Then we dry by holding the device from a short distance before brushing the teeth. The only exception is when the hair is curly or thinning. In this case, we wipe it with a towel and attack the brush directly, otherwise the design is too complex. Delphine Courtelle explains.

Rub your scalp while washing

no. Thinner than the skin of the face, scalp Irritated rubbing can more easily sensitize it. We have to take care of him “But nothing prevents his massage,” insists Stephanie Mahias. With fingers, we make support points and move the skin of the skull. improves mobility ‘, continues the expert. However, a scalp that is too soft means follicles are better irrigated and nourished, and therefore stronger and healthier hair.

Replace your mask with oil

Yeah. It is possible, but it all depends on the one you choose. ” Highly silicone, it will stay on the surface and is not meant to nourish hair “On the other hand, a combination of natural oils can heal the fibres,” explains Stephanie Mahias. Provided they are well selected and micronized to penetrate easily “, continues the specialist. Obviously, we forget about the ineffective and burdensome olive oil bath. Those that are treated are used before shampooing and preferably on very dry and / or thick hair.

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Abuse of dry shampoo

no. Originally designed to absorb sebum when you don’t have time to shampoo yourself, these powders are only used to freshen hair and not delay shampooing for three or four days. ” We also noticed that it creates volume at the roots and strengthens hair. To give style to your hairstyle in the morning, it is very effective. However, even if formulas become too light, they can suffocate the scalp and dull hair ‘,” comments Delphine Cortell. So we limit his use, and when we use him, we make sure he brushes for a long time, then heads down, at the end of the day.

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