Oily hair: 4 tips to give your hair a nice touch!

Our scalp regularly produces sebum and some fatty elements. If they help protect our skin, they can be irritating when produced in very large quantities. They make our body heavier and more difficult to comb. How do you treat oily hair? We give you the details in our article!

Oily hair: choose the right product!

We can never say it enough, product choice is very important in your hair care routine. But if your hair is greasy, know that it should be treated with more care. This is especially the case before every shampoo you will use. The principle consists above all in Look for a pre-shampoo that you can use during the week. The latter is applied some time before washing your skin to make it more inclined to receive the benefits of care.

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On the other hand, know that you need Reduce fat production. This can be done with a scrub of your choice. This technique can soothe your scalp while at the same time helping to reduce irritation. An exfoliating shampoo can also be helpful. Don’t forget that it deeply cleanses your greasy hair!

Good habits to adopt at any cost!

It is known that choosing your product is the key to fighting oily hair. But this is not enough ! You also need to adopt good habits. This includes in particularUse clear or even cold water to rinse your mane. This limits the presence of sebum. Especially it will make your hair shinier than ever. An asset that should not be overlooked if you do not always have time to go to a hair specialist.

Oily Hair: Here's How To Deal With It!
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Another tip to fight oily hair: Using a microfiber towel. The latter is more recommended than the classic model. And for good reason, choice of materials can be a source of dehydration for your skin’s mane. So you have to be careful when you want to do your hair care routine at home without having to turn to a professional. If you prefer to use a hair dryer, set it on low heat so you don’t endanger your skin.

Oily hair: be careful of the frequency of cleaning

It is a very bad habit that we all have when we have oily hair. In fact, using regular shampoo is fine provided thatIt is carried out at regular intervals. Hair professionals recommend performing this cleansing step only once a week. However, there are interesting alternatives you can use if you can’t stand the lack of washing.

This includes in particular dry shampoo It is highly recommended. However, be careful not to use it if your oily hair gets dry easily. This will make them more greasy than before. So it will be all to find a good balance between your different treatments!

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