Nabila: The star sees life in red after eight months of pregnancy!

On her Instagram account, Nabila shared a photo where she showed herself with a complete red look on her eight-month pregnancy!

Last February, Nabila told her fans that she is. The least we can say is that she managed to keep her pregnancy a secret for several months.

end of pregnancy

A few years ago, Nabila and Thomas Vergara also welcomed an adorable little boy named Milan into their lives. This evil is their greatest happiness. delusion Totally crazy about their baby.

Before long, Milan will see his life turned upside down. The one who is considered the little king of the family must share his place with a little brother or a little sister. And for good reason, you will noble

In February, the young woman revealed to her audience that she was pregnant. Beauty still benefits from the first months of secretly carried it. She waited some time before the official announcement on her social media sites.

However, there are many rumors claiming that she is pregnant with her second child. Despite these statements, the main concerned party and her husband preferred to wait a bit before announcing the big news to their audience.

Since Nabila revealed to her fans that she is going through a new pregnancy, she does not hesitate to trust this period. I confessed a few days ago.

On her social networks, she also admitted: “I am about to finish my pregnancy. It is very complicated for me. It hurts all over. I don’t feel very well. I started meditating”.

Noble sublime in red

Nabila also admitted: ” I have Still gaining 20 kilos, so that’s a little too much. I find it hard to move around, I’m breathing really fast, as if I’m running a marathon. I’m a little angry.”.

Then Nabila continued: ” I have You want to meet my baby, to continue my life, to play with my son, to restore my energy. I have anxiety attacks. I wonder how I’m going to get out of this, how I’m going to manage”.

Also before adding: “There are a lot of things I’m afraid of. A meeting between Milan and his sister or brother How will my life as a married couple go?.

If Nabila was living in very difficult circumstances in the past days, she still maintained her positivity. This Saturday, May 7, the beauty took advantage of the end of her pregnancy For a great shot.

On her Instagram account, Thomas Vergara’s wife also shared a new photo on her Instagram account. One thing is for sure, she surprised her fans. beauty to him Shown in a gorgeous red dress Which pointed to her baby bump.

With wet hair and a beautiful red mouth, Nabila chose it For a very charming look. Thanks to her photo, she also collected more than 163,000 “likes” in a few hours from her fans.

In the comments, the latter did not fail to compliment the beautiful mother. They wrote: “You are so beautiful!”, “Rabbani Jamal.”, “Beautiful picture!” But also, “You are radiant! A wonderful pregnant woman.”.

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