Nabila makes Kris Jenner’s haircut shocked netizens

For a while, the star noble She revealed that she is pregnant. Even if the gender of her future baby is unknown, we feel the happiness that moves the celebrity. Thomas’ sweetheart seems very excited to welcome another child into her life. Her joy prompted her to repeatedly post her photos on the networks. His behavior is a bit excessive according to netizens. The future mother is happy to show herself in a bikini summer outfit. Very provocative and elegant styles. Unfortunately for her her new look is not appreciated. aka young woman The queen of influencers.

Noble haircut reminiscent of Kris Jenner

Until then, the publications of the beautiful, although quite a lot, were always appreciated by her fans. A photo of her taken while filming caused enough reactions. Actually, We see in the picture Nabila and her boy. But one detail changes. The young woman cuts her hair, a hairstyle that makes her look like a man to the extreme. The difference is evident to many of his followers because they are accustomed to another style. A head of thicker hair.

when Bride of Thomas Vergara She asks to know who she looks like, the canvas is on fire. “Who are you comparing to me? I asked as a question.

Without waiting, netizens immediately responded to the young mother. In conclusion, two answers often appeared: Kris Jenner or an old woman. Nabila herself would have realized that her appearance could be reminiscent of a member of the Kardashian family. She made sure to put the Kardashian family on the job.

A big mistake on his part, because ridicule followed. At the same time her followers praised her. One wonders if this new style will ever be definitively adopted before Milan’s mother.

Nabila deletes her posts from her page

noble She does not seem to agree with the comments she has received. At first it was just for fun, but then the frustration came.

This prompted her to delete her post shortly after it was posted.. However, she did not provide any explanation for her choice. Will you get hurt?

We have no information about his feelings. However, when talking about her new haircut, some clarifications are given. It was just a wig Only used to take pictures. I must say that noble Already forgotten this story. She’s back more beautiful than ever. She posts a picture of her in a gorgeous dress, cute round belly. And ends with his usual long hair, as usual.

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