Medium Length Hair Pictures: What haircut should you adopt to look younger?

Do you have medium length hair and are looking for the perfect hairstyle to look younger? Clément Poiret-Demachy, the show’s new star hairstylist Incredible transformationsshares expert advice with us.

you have shoulder length hair ? It’s great, you can do just about anything and take anything! yes shoulder length haircan go to everyone face morphology Did you know that some hair cuts Can you rejuvenate with just scissors? Yes yes we swear! In order to see more clearly and not make any mistakes, we asked for advice from Clement Poiret Demachy, star hairstylist from Display Incredible transformations. It must be said that at only 33 years old, he already has a busy career! Hairstylist, also trained in makeup, his passion is complementary. Very present during photoshoot in the field of fashion, he also takes care of many artists and celebrities. Clement Poiret Demachy Just joined the castIncredible transformations To our greatest pleasure, he gives us His expert advice.

Medium Length Hair: This is the perfect haircut for your rejuvenation

a haircutWho makes you look younger instantly? What a dream! And if you are additionally told, you will be able to keep your heights what do you say ? Clement Poiret Demachy Official: Not necessary cut her hairwhen you grow up! “As an expert, we must first of all adapt to the woman in front of us, look at the quality of her hair as well as the style of the person”. Take for example Sophie Marceau . At 55, the French actress wears shaggy cutSuper dynamic fits him perfectly. I love this haircut because it suits almost all women and is suitable for all ages Sophie Marceau And Miley Cyrus both cracked up, however, they’re not the same age at all! The shaggy cut is a layered cut in ’80s style, with movement: it’s perfect! “ Tell us Clement Poiret Demachy .

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shaggy Fits very well On soft and wavy haireven curly Thanks to the gradient effect. Generally, shaggy he is Not recommended for very straight hairAnd very thin. It’s a great cut with curtain fringe , more or less as desired. in addition to Hair cut At the moment, it is not Selena GomezWho would say otherwise! The American singer has just started Shaggy BobEspecially perfect haircut for her round face .

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