Marseille: Why did Benjamin Samat shaved all his hair?

On his Instagram account, Benjamin Samat (Les Marseillais) explained why he decided to shave his hair!

Recently, Benjamin Samat (Les Marseillais) wanted a change. While he was known for his long hair, he decided to cut it a few months ago. But recently, he completely shaved his head.

Benjamin Castaldi’s (Les Marseillais) hairstyle is not unanimous

Many fans know Benjamin Samat (Les Marseillais) by his long hair. However, a few months ago, the young man chose a slightly shorter haircut. His fans have also validated this hair change.

On the other hand, there is a change that they did not like very much. Four days ago, Benjamin Samat (Les Marseillais) shared a new photo on his Instagram account. they are Shown with shaved hair.

Commenting on his photo on Instagram, the young man also wrote: “The story of my future father. Good or critical?”. His photo has also collected more than 194,000 “likes” from his fans.

They wrote in the comments: “Peace. Why did you do that?”, “You shouldn’t be cut!”, “Ah no.”, “How dare you do that?!?”, “Ah but not at all. But also “I am a hairdresser. Sorry but criticized ».

One thing’s for sure, Benjamin Samat’s (Les Marseillais) haircut hasn’t been at all unanimous with fans. It seems that the latter agreed to the fact that they I don’t like his new style.

For his part, Dylan Thierry also commented: “If I win the next battle, I’ll do the same haircut.”. As a reminder, both did. Dylan Thery lost to the future father.

Benjamin Samat is experimenting with new things

During a Q/A with his fans, Benjamin Samat (Les Marseillais) revealed why he hasn’t shaved his hair before. Especially because of his involvement in reality TV.

Marseille filter detection: “Before, I was afraid to cut everything. Because I have TV shows lined up. I was afraid I wouldn’t like him. And having to go on a photo shoot with that head”.

Before adding: “Now that the TV is over, I can finally test”. As a reminder, the young man revealed in his last participation in Marseille that he.

As Benjamin captured Samat the day he left: “Thank you for this adventure. It was extraordinary. I wanted her to go well. I knew I was going to leave amidst an adventure.”.

The Marseillais filter also revealed: “And also for another reason … For me, this is my last adventure. I want to take a step back. And dedicate myself 100% to what lies ahead. To our family ».

As a reminder, Benjamin Samat. A few weeks ago, his wife, Madi Borciaga, revealed on Instagram that she is pregnant with their first child. A little boy will grow up his family soon.

At the moment, the Marseille candidates have not revealed the first name of their future child. We’ll have to wait a bit before we find out more!

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