Long hair after 50? Agreed but not without reservations! Here are the tips you need to know!

Do you know the eleventh commandment of the Ten Commandments of Hair: “You will not grow your hair in fifty years, God forbid, after 60!”? Joking aside, seeing a cut below the shoulders after 50 has always been a very rare sight. The reasons for this are manifold and fluctuate between factors. The objectivity and prejudices imposed by contemporary society.However, the stereotypes of yesteryear are not static and can be tested over time to see if they are still valid.Let’s see, then, can we keep long hair after 50 years and what are the tricks to make this avant-garde idea , even scandalous works!

Why was long hair after 50 a taboo?

Let’s be honest, just because you’re at a certain age doesn’t mean the hairstyle is officially considered taboo. The undeniable fact is that our hair changes over time, and unfortunately, that usually doesn’t happen for the better. And we’re not just talking about color, because it’s also about the hair structure.

Long hair after 50 years 60 years two-tone top black head

Sure, we lose precious pigments, but we also lack resistance, flexibility, etc. Our hair becomes less dense with age, grows more slowly and is always more vulnerable to external influences. As a result, weak locks are more difficult to grow, but also to design in general.

Vanessa Williams Long Hair After 50 Blonde Highlights The Original Idea

These are the main reasons why ladies in their forties, fifties and sixties prefer short or medium haircuts that, as a rule, are easy to implement and style at home. Let’s face it, a pixie cut or a jaw-dropping wavy bob can look good even skipping the daily blowdry! Without mentioning the dye that is obligatory or almost obligatory when we talk about long hair after fifty years. Either way, the prolific guy doesn’t look good when left in gray or white, which is not at all the case with the often more technical acronyms when wearing salt and pepper. At least if you don’t want to adopt the witch’s look until after Halloween…

Long hair after 50? Yes, but not without precautions!

Mistakes to avoid wearing very long hair after 50 years 60 years without dyeing

All these points are very important, it is quite possible to keep your hair long after 50 years. Of course, we must first know the tricks to make it work and be inspired to take the initiative, right? For example, one must definitely know how to keep mature hair in good condition, otherwise it is better to cut it. Similarly, can you choose the right haircut for this or that type of hair, for a square face, and an oval shape? In the paragraphs and gallery of photos that will follow you will discover the answers to all these questions, but also what are the best hairstyles to adopt during the current season and what colors to pair them with to stay in the wind.

Correct Gestures to Care for a Mature Man

Long hair after 50 years 60 years natural gray locks in two colors

As we age, due to hormonal changes, the health of our scalp can deteriorate and thus the texture of our hair can change dramatically as well. Over time, fine hair always becomes more delicate, dry hair – more and more coarse and brittle, greasy roots look more greasy, etc. In short, hair problems tend to get worse and fixing them seems very difficult, if not completely impossible to us.

Reduce the frequency of washing

Long hair care after 50 shampoo times a week

The first thing to do to deal with this kind of problem is to reconsider how often you wash your hair in a week to keep it in good condition. Hair loses its natural moisture with age and washing it too much dries it out even more. So the simple solution is to reevaluate the number of washes per week and reduce it as much as possible. Long hair after 50 should in no way conjure up straw, right?

Prioritize Natural Remedies

Long hair care after 50, make your own shampoo at home

Another feature to keep in mind is that most shampoos are based on harsh chemicals. Instead, look for homemade products that contain natural ingredients that gently cleanse skin and hair. This is absolutely true if you have very fine hair, or worse, if you are experiencing hair loss. Many other factors can lead to gradual hair loss in women, with stress being one of the most common.

Long hair after 50 and stress don’t go together

Nettle benefits long hair after 50 years of rinsing after shampoo

So do your best to relax and try natural remedies and toners as often as possible. For example, massage your scalp with 4 tablespoons of dried and crushed stinging nettle leaves that you have left to soak in one liter of boiling water for about ten minutes. This type of massage herbal rinse improves blood circulation to the skin of the skull, stimulates new growth, strengthens existing wrinkles and makes them shinier.

Paying attention to your diet is essential

What is the care of long hair after 50 eating foods rich in vitamins

Have you heard that outer beauty starts from the inside? So, getting enough vitamins, zinc, selenium, silica and iodine is another necessary point if you want to have long hair after 50 years. At best, you will be consuming foods abundant in these elements, but supplementation is often necessary as well. Either way, check with your doctor before resorting to supplementation, especially if you’re taking previously prescribed medications.

The best haircuts, hairstyles and coloring for long hair after the age of 50

How to wear long hair after 50 60 years Hollywood celebrity ideas

Do you know who grows hair after the age of fifty or even in their sixties and remains hair-free? Of course, it’s about Hollywood celebrities who exercise limitlessly and not just on the red carpet! Surely all of these famous women with almost unlimited resources have an army of stylists behind them, which means maintaining a flawless look is no problem for them. However, we can take advantage of their cuts, hairstyles, and colors as a source of inspiration before we dare to let our very own Rapunzel’s hair grow out. So, let’s see what they have to offer us!

In recent years, Madonna has opted for long, tapered blonde hair

Madonna long hair after 50 years 60 years blonde coloring dark roots .jpg

Demi Moore has become one of the ambassadors of the long black waves

Demi Murray long hair after 50 typical full black hair color

Sarah Jessica Parker opts for Caramel Balayage for beautiful, rebellious curls

Sarah Jessica Parker Long Hair After 50 Stylish Caramel Balayage Idea

Everyone knows Marcia Cross for her beautiful shoulder-length copper hair

Long hair inspiration after 50 copper dye actress Marcia Croce

How do you get long hair after 50 when you’re as brunette as Salma Hayek

How to wear long hair after the age of 50 60 the role of the star Salma Hayek

Angelina Jolie has worn any cutouts in her career, but she’s sticking with lengths

How to maintain long hair after 40 50 like Angelina Jolie stars

We mention Elle Macpherson and long blonde waves immediately come to mind

How to wear long hair after being a 50-year-old model

Sandra Bullock, a natural brunette who is irresistible to change her style but is back to her long hair

Sandra Bullock Long brown hair after 50 ideas for American actresses

Whether she’s blonde or redhead, Nicole Kidman always wears a mermaid mane

How to wear long hair after 50 years of celebrity Nicole Kidman

Lucy Liu is another star who is proud to show off her long hair after the age of 50

How do you keep your hair long after 50 years like movie star Lucy Liu

Kate Winslet is currently a blonde, but we know absolutely any color suits her

Tips on how to keep your hair long after 40 50 like Kate Winslet

Beverly Johnson is the perfect combination of brown eyes, dark skin and brown hair

How to wear long hair after 50 dark skin Beverly Johnson star

Sharon Stone proves that long platinum blonde hair isn’t just for 20-year-olds

How to wear long straight hair after 50, pale skin, Sharon Stone

Elizabeth Hurley shows a rough look that revitalizes the wound and rejuvenates the face

Elizabeth Hurley has long hair 50 years after the disheveled look of American actresses

Julianne Moore is another great American actress associated with copper locks

Julianne Moore Long reddish brown hair after 50 ideas from American actresses

Andy McDowell and her romantic curly hairstyle with a side parting

Andy McDowell Long curly brown hair after 60 actress ideas

So, what long haircut would you dare to adopt after the age of 50?

The example of long hair after 50 years of brunettes American actress Sandra Bullock

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