Length, vitality and shine … professional tips for hair regeneration after 40

From a certain age, hair loses its strength. Trichologists give a prescription to slow down the aging of the scalp, while restoring strength and luster to its lengths.

“We are born with a head of hair that erodes with age,” declares Sylvie Lim, trichologist and grooming specialist at Institut Leonor Grille (Paris VIII). “After 40 and 50 years, the problem is not hair loss in particular, but the change in its quality and density.” The beauty routines of previous decades, which were no longer relevant, required some adjustments.

We start with the time we allocate to it. “You should dedicate three-quarters of an hour to your hair, at least once a week,” recommends Véronique Majoros, director of the René Furterer Institute (Paris VIII). Because from the age of forty, “life cycles and hair growth slow down and shorten. The hair is purified and grows back a little slower, and with a little less force. The effect of the substance is weak, and the hair is less sheathed.”

Scalp stimulation

To overcome these problems, “the first thing to do is take care of your scalp. It’s really the norm, because here the hair and all the follicles are rooted,” insists the expert. The right way to motivate her? “By applying concentrates based on essential oils before shampooing while performing massaging movements at the same time. This combination of topical care with the mechanical effect of massage helps to regenerate cells and slow the progression of the scalp.”

Sylvie Lim advises to repeat this ritual as a treatment twice a year at home, in the fall and spring, “when there is a regeneration of the hair and the active ingredients are better absorbed.” The specialist recommends repeating it once or twice a week for three months to get results.

Moisturize, nourish, plump

Treatment varies in length. “To care for hair fibers that have been on hair for several years, moisturizing and nourishing treatments should be applied, based on ingredients like keratin or shea butter. Leave them on the lengths before shampooing, in the form of a bath oil or mask,” suggests Veronique Majoros.

Favorite active ingredient for fine hair? “Hyaluronic acid, which plumps the body. It has an immediate effect, we immediately feel thicker and voluminous”, the expert guarantees.

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“It’s also the era when you start coloring your roots to cover your white hair,” continues Sylvie Lim. Hence the importance of enhancing your hair routine so that it does not dry out or leave it looking dull. “At least one pre-shampoo treatment should be applied once a week to maintain the hair’s shine, texture and luster. Apply your choice of oil or mask all over the hair. Leave it on for half an hour to an hour. It lasts for half an hour to an hour. Super effective” , says the professional.

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The simple and natural trick to effortlessly restore shine? “Finish your shampoo with a jet of fresh water. If possible, add the rinse-out vinegar at this time, advises Véronique Majoros. This helps tighten the scales of the hair fibers. Thus, it will be softer and reflect light differently.”

In addition to these precautions to take at home, it is advisable to have hair checks at the salon every six to twelve months, in order for more in-depth treatments to be possible, on a case-by-case basis.

food supplement

Specialists have unanimously agreed that nutritional supplements have a real effect on the beauty and growth of hair, provided that they are regular. “It provides the nutrients and proteins needed for the hair structure. You start seeing results after one and a half to two months. When you run your hand over your head, you feel like you have no more hair. After three months, you notice a tiny bit of growth all over,” she says. Veronique Majoros. After quarantine, it is interesting to treat these “indoor remedies” once or twice a year, if possible in the fall and spring. The most classic formulas generally consist of B vitamins (particularly biotin), zinc and selenium. “In organic stores, you can even buy wheat germ flakes to sprinkle on your sandwiches for breakfast to invigorate the hair,” suggests Sylvie Lim.

On the other hand, when hair loss is higher than average, it is necessary to consult a specialist: “It is estimated that at this age there are 40-50% of women who suffer from hair loss. Most often, the cause is hormonal, “identifies Véronique Majoros.

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A selection of hair care products to rejuvenate hair

Actions to be avoided

The first mistake to make: Wash your hair every day. “After a certain age, hair becomes drier, so it’s best to leave the shampoo away,” Véronique Majoros emphasizes. Technology is also important. “You really have to do gentle, circular motions, taking off the roots. Then spread the foam over the lengths to brush them gently, without rubbing them together, so you don’t cause rubbing and damage.”

On the other hand, there is a gesture that should not be overlooked: brushing your hair in the evening. The expert continues: “It is important for blood circulation, irrigating the area and providing it with oxygen. It strengthens the capital.” “For the scalp, use a natural-bristle brush, such as a boar. Brush from the forehead toward the back of the head with some power. It shouldn’t hurt, but you should feel the action of the brush rubbing the head.”

Regarding lengths, “A brush has an important cleaning power. It removes all the pollution and build-up of styling product residue,” adds Sylvie Lim. “It ventilates, polishes. Smoothes flakes and distributes fat, it’s almost a treatment.” In fact, the last 15-20 centimeters of lengths are dead matter, not receiving nutrients from the scalp. Hence the need to bring them to the edge through the brush. “On the other hand, never do this on wet hair, as it would weaken or even break. After you shower, use a detangler or comb instead,” she warns.

Lighten your hairstyles

The use of heating appliances can be equally harmful. To minimize damage, “first try to reduce the frequency of brushing. And before each use, use a preventative heat treatment systematically,” adds Véronique Majoros.

Finally, both experts advise to reduce accessories and ties, preferring hairstyles at the bottom of the neck, and not narrow. She concludes, “Be careful not to have too much tension or twisting that can weaken a specific area. Use more delicate accessories like silk ties.”

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