Jennifer Aniston reveals her secrets to her amazing hair

It is a universally accepted fact: Jennifer Aniston He has great hair. We all remember the legendary Rachel Cup friends. That’s why, when she announced the launch of her own hair care brand last year, the news was met with resounding joy. We caught up with the star to discuss her good hair days, top skincare tips and hairstylist icon. Don’t thank us…

What was your inspiration for creating LolaVie?

Lolavie, or at least the concept of a hair care brand, has been in development for nearly five years. I wanted to create products that boost hair health and are multifunctional, a bit like a Swiss army knife… I worked for another brand a few years ago, had a click, and suddenly felt the need to go behind scenes from the hair care industry. I wanted to know the downside of product development, ingredient selection and formula creation, as well as the marketing that goes with it. I just loved this process, and wanted to do it in a more meaningful way, by being the founder of my own brand.

Jennifer Aniston in the ’90s.

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Can you tell us about brand ethics?

in home LolavieWe’re on a mission to create products that solve real hair problems, without frills. Our products are free from any harmful substances and instead use naturally derived, plant-based ingredients that are truly effective. I like to think of it as a meeting between science and nature. In addition, all of our products are designed to be multifunctional. We believe in clean, cruelty-free and more sustainable formulas. Our products are made with bamboo extract instead of water, to conserve the earth’s most precious resource.

Can you tell us about your personal hair routine?

It really depends on my schedule and if I’m shooting or not, but my hair routine is actually pretty simple. First, I wash my hair, then I apply the Glossing Detangler, and then I comb it through. Then I towel dry my hair for 10 minutes, then use several pumps of Perfecting Leave-In Conditioner. Finally, I dry them with a hair dryer, or let them dry naturally.

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