“It had to happen,” the victim’s neighbor testifies

The gendarmes had left the area, and only the seals were left affixed to the red door of the little house in Champigne. One block away, at the end of the school, we conjure up the drama. The body of the 40-year-old woman was found Monday morning. His companion, 51, a house painter, was discovered a few minutes ago hanging in his Colonix warehouse.

The first results of the autopsy, which took place on Wednesday 4 May in Bordeaux, appear That the young woman died as a result of serious violence. When the gendarmes discovered his body, the bruises were covered. She received kicks and punches all over her body. Sylvie lives across from the couple’s house. On his garden table, the newspapers are all open to the same page. “It was safe. It was violent, it had to happen”as you say.

Two convictions for domestic violence

In the neighborhood, half a very secretive couple. We only saw them early in the morning, when they were leaving to work in their truck. ‘They didn’t bother anyone’Sometimes they were threatened. However, the investigation was able to determine the presence of “A certain number of episodes of violence, against the background of the spouses’ regular addiction to alcohol”, Pointing to the ground.

So he was judged twice to hit her. In 2014, he was given a six-month suspended prison sentence. The year 2018 AD to a year of imprisonment, including two months. Upon his release and for two years, he was prevented from contacting the victim. But since September 2020, “No new acts of violence were brought to the attention of the authorities”says the prosecution.

“We could see he was pulling her hair because she had holes in it.”

If most of the neighbors did not know the criminal past of the guy, then others heard about him. A woman says she knew he had been convicted of domestic violence. “That was four years agoas you say. I remember, we were coming back from vacation.”

When Sylvie moved into the neighborhood 12 years ago, the guy was already there. His partner moved in after two or three years. According to her, the violence was repeated. “It happened a few times. We saw her come out. She was bruised, she was disfigured. We saw he was pulling her hair because it had holes in it, it was violent. Then she was crying. She was running there to get someone to call his family”, as you say. Sylvie discussed it with her neighbor from behind. “I don’t know why she stayed with him. But she said to him, Mrs. She told her she didn’t want to leave because she loved him.”

There are several numbers available to help women victims of domestic violence. © Radio France

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