Increase hair volume with the Pixie cut for fine hair!

Short hair doesn’t necessarily look very feminine. The solution – degrades the haircut while leaving some locks, which also smooth and give texture to his mane. This in particular is the idea behind the fine haircut – favored by heads without volume, such as those aged 50-60 whose hair mass is refined. we say ” yes “ To pixie cut but for what reasons and how to adopt it? Find the answer below.

The idea of ​​getting the beautiful long hair of Jennifer Lopez or Ariana Grande is tempting, but is a long cut right for everyone? Unless you have fairly thick hair, it is best to skip the XXL lengths which may further enhance the mane. For this reason, we will focus on the short, formatted mid-lengths that will give the illusion of volume. Cut the long hair into layers, so that the different layers of hair end up increasing the volume. If you like the box, then it is better to prefer inconspicuous, deteriorated and shaggy versions for an airy effect and more material. The easiest solution is to cut her hair in a feminine and rebellious image. Pointed, organized, or smooth cuts should be avoided.

Pixie cut for fine hair – volume assured

Why a pixie cut for fine hair?

Unlike the rest of the short haircuts, the pixie has the big advantage of still having some lengths. Short at neck level, it appears paired with a hem or closure that we love to style in so many ways. Banana on top, wick back behind the ear, on the side or asymmetrical on the forehead – the pixie really comes in endless shapes. So it has enough to present the appearance of a cannon. The length of the strands actually gives the possibility to easily experiment with hairstyles. Very light, fashionable and easy to wear, it is also very easy to maintain. But its biggest advantage, as we’ve already suggested, is its ability to harmonize and rejuvenate your complexion, like your own.

Short women's haircut 2022 an idea of ​​wavy locks and asymmetrical bangs

Who can wear a pixie cut?

good news ! There is hardly any header that needs to be avoided to cut off pixels. Sure, the latter has a reputation for a perfect cut for fine hair, but nothing stops you from relying on a dancer’s mane. However, since fine hair is also very flexible, it is easier to style more easily. Aside from the nature of the hair, there are other factors to consider. If you have the independent and rebellious personality, you will undoubtedly lean towards the shaggy, rocker style of pixie. For a sleek and sophisticated look, she’ll have a long pixie with volume and locks behind the ears. Age and face shape will also play a role in choosing a haircut. Thus, if you want to camouflage wrinkles on the forehead, adopt a pixie pair with a fringe. The same, play with bangs or locks, to rebalance the proportions of the face.

Versatile and versatile cutting

Short side haircut for fine and sparse hair with bangs on the forehead

What pixie cut in 2022?

In pixies, as in the rest of the hairstyles that never seem out of date, we always see new types emerging every year. In 2022, the trend was pixies without p. Then came the turn of pixies and mixes to conquer the hearts and heads of women. While the first is midway between the short bob and pixie cut, the second is inspired by the mullet cut that made a great comeback last year. So we dare to use longer locks, so we can try more and crack the codes of the classic short haircut.

Modern look with a pixie cut

Short Pixie Woman Hairstyle With Pink Wavy Highlights Shines Volume

Your personality, like the texture of your hair and the length of your locks will inevitably determine the way you style your pixies. To give you some ideas on how to improve the cut in question, find below some of its most popular types.

Genie with asymmetrical explosions

To soften the roundness of the face, there is nothing more suitable than an asymmetric fringe. The angular gradient effect allows you to cheat the proportions of the face, while adding texture to the man. To maximize this effect, we’ll bet the gradient on the rest of the mane and fumble for guaranteed volume. Gels and sprays to increase volume or lift roots will be your number one ally.

Asymmetric explosions to restore symmetry

Short soft haircut without volume blonde woman coloring asymmetric wick wool

Genie of a 60-year-old woman

A pixie with bangs is also an ideal haircut solution for a 60-year-old woman. There, we’d bet on a shaggy or volume on top of the head and a tapered fringe discreetly falling over the forehead. It is recommended to scale again to add texture.

Bangs and tapered volume at 60

Short smooth haircut 60 years of varying lengths for women

Pixie Curly Hairstyle

If you have wavy hair or have fallen in love with sleek curls, we encourage you to be bold with your wavy locks. With naturally curly hair, care must be taken to control and regulate the brutality of the mane. To avoid straining facial features, it is best to keep the sides short and leave the lengths growing on the top and/or forehead only. Sea water spray for a subtle wavy effect or a curling iron for well-defined curls, it is up to you to decide how to create the effect in question, if you have a soft mane.

Rebellious curls for a romantic effect

wavy pixie hair with volume black hair woman haircut idea

Genie with wick on the side

Another simple trick to increase volume in a very feminine way is to use the wick on the side instead of the fringe. While the latter tends to accentuate the look, the wick, on the other hand, softens it. It is also taller, flexible and mobile, allowing it to be tailored as desired. For added volume, pair the font with a long striped ponytail, letting the streaks pop out.

Smooth side wick

Pixie Cut Short, decadent haircut with volume and arctic blonde highlights

Cut the genie with banana

To embrace a chic 1950s look, let yourself be inspired by Elvis and his iconic twist lock on top of the head. Again, you can curl the hair for a guaranteed romantic effect. A rocky and rebellious hairstyle par excellence, it would look very elegant on contemporary female hair. Use texture spray to add volume, reshape the strands at the roots and create the “banana” by bringing them back. there.

Banana for an elegant and glamorous look

Pixie haircut model soft hair style without volume combed blonde locks background

An example of a shaggy pixie cut with shaggy flights

Shiny hair for more texture

Short hair woman hairstyle with side wick and blonde lengths elegant pixie woman idea

Soft, sparse haircut with bangs and a shaggy effect

Short side wick cut for dark and sparse hair, a small volume on the top

Short haircut for black woman with asymmetrical bangs original idea

Pixie with bangs to hide forehead wrinkles

pixie blonde cut wool idea Emma Thompson short haircut 60 year old woman

The original hairstyle for fine hair with thick honey locks

Short Shaggy Haircut 2022 Short graduated curls

Gradient and asymmetric fringe of the material


Emma Watson's soft haircut without brushing red hair for a woman short hairstyle

Long pixie, merlin monroe style

Long blonde cut Halsey idea with combed back locks on top

Pixie cut model with original ball cut blonde locks

Soft round face pixie haircut with asymmetrical bangs on the side of the face

Polished pixie with bangs and sticks behind the ear

Very elegant short cut for women elegant and modern with long fringe in the front

Hairstyle model haircut original soft pixie short short

Pixie cut for women with glasses

Short haircut model of 50 year old woman with blonde pixie glasses highlighting short hairstyle with bangs

Classic soft blond haircut model with asymmetrical bangs

Long, straight pixie hair model, a thin and flat textured haircut

Fashionable Short Women 2022 with Wavy Flying Volume

Zendaya Super Elegant Modern Women's Haircut Pointed Pixie Frnage

Idea for short haircut woman 2022 with long wavy lock on blonde hair

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