In support of An San, an athlete who has been harassed, they posted pictures of themselves with short hair

Archer An San made history when he became the first South Korean athlete to win three gold medals at the Olympic Games. But very quickly, controversy over his haircut being deemed “too short” overshadowed his win. In support of this athlete, women around the world are responding by sharing their photos on the web. Discovery.

At twenty years old, An San is an Olympic champion. This South Korean archer won the gold medal in the singles, mixed doubles and women’s teams. A triple victory was overshadowed by a torrent of anti-women comments on social networks. the reason ? She will have a haircut that is “too short” and does not represent a woman. In South Korea, this cut is frowned upon and associated with a feminist act.

But fortunately, An San is not alone in this battle and can count on the support of South Korean President Moon Jae-in, as well as dozens of netizens from around the world. In response, women with short hair are sharing selfies with messages of hope, as these 10 supportive, caring photos show:

“I shaved my head last October and it was one of the best experiences of my life! I learned to really love my face, my big nose, my freckles and everything. The regrowth has also been so rewarding. The short hair is amazing too!”

“We are all beautiful, we are all the heroine of our story.”

“I’m not a woman more or less because of my haircut.”

“We won’t stop until the length of our hair or our skirts is exactly the same as yours.”

“We can all have it and it suits us well…a haircut has no gender.”

“Short hair does not make me less of a woman, less capable or less beautiful. Let’s put discrimination aside.”

“Let’s stop judging people by their appearance.”

“I’m so happy to join in the reminder that short hair doesn’t take away from her femininity or her way of expressing her gender.”

“What does hair volume have to do with being a good shooter?”

“I’m no less a woman because my hair is short.”

The rush of solidarity is more necessary than ever.

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