How to increase the volume?

If short haircuts and layered haircuts are recommended for women over the age of sixty, does this mean that marrying the two will give a kind of Super cut ? Let’s say everything comes to someone who knows how to… adopt. Find out below our little guide dedicated to the short decadent haircuts for women of 60 years.

In fact, if you are advised with a short gradient, it is not for any reason. The changes that occur with age affect not only the body but also the hair. These gradually lose their luster and density, becoming thinner and brittle. And if hair care is important to properly nourish and maintain beautiful hair, the real magic happens with scissors. Here are (according to us) several reasons why a fade is the best haircut of your 60s.

Dilapidated Short Haircut of a 60-Year-Old Woman – The Fountain of Youth

To increase the volume

The lack of volume caused by thinning, thinning hair is arguably one of the most worrisome issues for women of a certain age. For this reason, the different lengths offered by the layered cut are an essential trick to give movement and emission to the hair and thus create an impression of volume. Moreover, the fact that her hair is cut short also contributes to the thickening of the material, which is slicked back with a simple scissors cut.

Hair volume thanks to a short layered cut

Dilapidated short wavy haircut for 60-year-old woman

Because it is one of the cuts that rejuvenate the most

It is this restored intensity that will give you a youthful appearance, but not only that! In fact, the layers of hair are intertwined and overlapped in such a way as to create a disheveled rebellious hairstyle. This unbridled allure of the mane is undoubtedly a trip back in time. However, unlike straight hair that tends to weigh down the face, the gradient is an airy and very light cut that enhances features.

Fashionable cutting and coloring to look younger

Short, soft and light haircut with various layers of red coloring

Because it is easy to maintain

Finally, everyone knows that hair care increases in proportion to its length. Degraded shortcuts, require only minimal effort on your part. It is highly recommended to visit the hairdresser every two or three months to control the regrowth of hair and restore the beautiful shape of your hair. To add extra volume, feel free to retexture the top or mess around more with styling wax.

Low maintenance effort

Short fluffy scattered haircut with combed back locks platinum blond coloring

We have already mentioned the fact that the short layer is for all 60-year-old women who want to style their hair. However, the shape of the face will also influence the choice of this concrete cut. The volume created, for example, turns out to be interesting for round faces that are rebalanced. The square and diamond-shaped faces, on the other hand, will be softened by leaving some long locks to frame the sides. The role of these would be to camouflage the very prominent jaws.

A cut that fits almost any body type

Distressed short square haircut with tapered bangs and different lengths

On the long pixie

Despite the prevailing opinion, you don’t need very long lengths to create a layered effect. However, a long pixie cut is minimal to create layers of varying lengths. We usually leave a few long locks at the top, only to spoil them and create an equally rebellious and elegant look, similar to Lady D.

long pixie layers

Short decadent haircut woman 60ns with volume and romantic waves

on square cut

Otherwise, a layered bob looks too elaborate and will add quite a bit of extra volume. With bangs or locks on the side, feel free to curl the hair to lift the roots and double the texture. The wavy inner ends are very elegant, while the outer ends accentuate the layered character of the hair.

Distressed Short Haircut For 60-Year-Old Woman – Square Version

Blooming 60-year-old woman's hairstyle with a side parting and subtle gradient

with bangs

If you want to camouflage the few wrinkles that are already etched on the forehead, there is nothing better than an edge. This is an excellent trick to emphasize the eyes even more. Beware, however, of the approved marginal copy. We recommend the use of tapering to give the look lightness and subtlety.

Light fluffy bangs to complete the hairstyle


on gray hair

Be attentive with short, decadent cuts on pepper and salt hair. The more authentic and shaggy they are, the better. A very strict hairstyle can make you look like a grandmother. There, we shouldn’t hesitate to embrace a cut set in trends like the shaggy and voluminous half-hawk. If you do not dare such a daring transformation, bet the hair with colored locks.

Gray hair trend and youth

Short gray hair for women 60 years old disheveled degraded original hairstyle

Highly degraded bob with highlights

Short fine haircut woman 60 years old square sink degraded

How to use salt and pepper for hair

60 year old short gray haired woman short fringe haircut with volume

The story of a 60-year-old woman with glasses square idea of ​​decomposing pepper and hair salt

A woman with a 60-year-old gray haircut of various lengths

Distressed tapered medium length haircut with bangs and volume

Short square cut 60 years of deteriorating wavy hair to rejuvenate

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