How to get at home the trend of hair that “flows” and shines like silk

Dua Lipa at the Versace Spring/Summer 2022 show on September 24, 2021 in Milan. Matteo Rossetti / Archives Matteo Rossetti / Mondadori Portfolio / Getty Images

Long, smooth and shiny hair like silk is a must on the heads of all celebrities. An expert gives us his advice on how to achieve this look on your own, without tarnishing your hair.

Is the coveted, natural “wavy” about to be toppled? This look so popular in recent seasons seems to have been overshadowed by a new hair style: sleek, high-gloss hair that flows like a silky “liquid” that flows down the shoulders. Jennifer Lopez, Dua Lipa, Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Megan Fox … The stars of all generations have already succumbed to this major trend of hairstyles for 2022.

“We’ve been anticipating this comeback, because we’ve only heard about ‘wavy’ for years. We’ve been just talking about waves and forgot about smooth brushing,” notes hairstylist Hovig Etoyan, owner of the salon’s namesake in Paris 6. “Over the course of two years, we’ve seen hair make a comeback. Smooth, with that effect for maximum shine.”

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This edgy look is rooted in the resurgence of beauty trends in the ’90s and early 2000s. And like any refresh, it has been adopted in a more modern and sophisticated version: unlike the “straight baguette” and solid hair of the time, “liquid” hair has a feeling of elasticity, fluidity and intense luster that seems to reflect light like water. Hence its name.

Controversial Smoothing Practices

Certainly, smoothing and keratin treatments are in particular demand to achieve this look: techniques that can create instant effect and long-term lasting results. However, it is important to know that most of them involve the use of products based on formaldehyde, which is classified as a “proven human carcinogen” by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).

That’s why hairstylist Hovig Etoyan prefers to bet on devices and other styling products to achieve this look at home, without distorting the hair’s texture. “Anything that drastically changes hair instantly changes the texture of the hair, so we know it. Even if we sell these treatments as care, they can affect the texture of the hair in the long run. It’s best to reproduce this style yourself, even if the result lasts for a day.” Only ”, advises the expert.

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“Liquid Hair” step by step

To master the art of liquid hair and achieve this high-gloss style out of the shower, you’ll need to arm yourself with the right tools…and a lot of patience.

“After your usual shampoo routine, spray an anti-frizz spray all over the hair, including small hairs,” advises Hoving Etoyan, who recommends a formula that includes a heat protectant treatment. “We heat sensitize hair to get that soft, silky, frizz-free side. We do frequent brushing gestures, so we attack it.” Hence the importance of protecting them upstream.

Once the hair is well prepared, it’s time to straighten the hair. “Start brushing first with a hair dryer and brush, starting with the layers of hair around the nape of the neck to the top of the head, creating the lowest volume possible,” describes the hairstylist. An essential first step before switching to a straightener: “If not, you’ll end up with perfectly flat hair, which doesn’t move and no longer ‘breathe.'” You’ll get hair as sleek as chopsticks, while the trend is more airy and vibrant. Bright. The hair should move with the movements of the head.”

After this pre-combing, it’s time to straighten your hair with plates, strand by strand. “The heat input brightens up the keratin that is naturally present in the hair,” emphasizes Hufeng Itoyan. Then spray the shine all over the hair, making sure your hand isn’t too heavy! “The dosage is very important. If you apply too much product, it can quickly make the hair greasy. Keep a certain distance from your head, so the application will be more spreadable,” advises the expert.

This is not all. It is essential to iron the straightening iron again on the lengths, in order to better penetrate the product, and to stabilize the movement and keep that famous illuminating effect. “The goal is for the hair to work perfectly. It’s not the product that holds the hairstyle, it’s the work and prep of the hair. You can put on a lot of hairspray, if it’s not combed well, your hair will be frizzy, frizzy and bouffant,” warns the hairstylist, before concluding this Tutorial with one last tip: “To finish up on the very ‘shiny’ side, you can add a small drop of hair serum on the half lengths and ends, without touching the roots. “

Perfect for long and thick hair

The effect of “Liquid Hair” works best on thick and thick hair, because “the thicker the hair, the more we manage to reduce the volume and make it move: the shiny side will appear better. The combing will last longer,” says Hovig Etoyan. Fine, smooth hair may end up with an oily texture. My thread, that’s not the point here unlike”wet look“.” If you do not have enough substances, the hair products will not be absorbed by the hair. It will get heavy and greasy, so you won’t get the fluidity of movement.”

These stars who have embraced the ‘Liquid Hair’ trend

De même, si le résultat final est plus flagrant sur cheveux longs, rien n’est perdu pour cells qui les portent courts ou mi-longs : il est possible d’incorporer des extensions dans la chevelure, comme le font très certain brité les cél Moreover.

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