How often do you really need to wash your hair?

To be sure, some seemingly innocuous questions can elicit very overreaction. Among them is this: “How many times a week should you wash your hair?” Because it is enough to question those around you to understand that there is no good answer: daily washing will damage the hair, make it greasy, brittle and weak more quickly, and on the contrary, washing it once a week will make it dull. So what do you really need to do to keep hair soft, shiny, and healthy? The answer is with Julie Lopez, hairstylist and hair expert at Dessange.

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“We can compare our hair with a green plant: in order for it to be always beautiful, we must stimulate and lay the bulb Regularly Fertilizer on the roots to preserve it before it wilts. With hair, it’s the same, you have to stimulate the scalp to get a beautiful mane, “ Our expert explains right away. Does this mean you have to wash your hair every day? For Julie Lopez, the answer is not entirely clear: “We generally recommend washing your hair every two to three days with a suitable shampoo. If you really want to wash your hair every day, it is best to prefer a sulfate-free shampoo.” “Be careful, even if you don’t wash your hair every day, you will have to maintain it daily,” Julie identifies. To do this, she recommends regularly drinking water between meals, as well as applying a day cream rich in gold powder and shea oil, which will moisturize the hair without weighing it down.

If the frequency of hair washing remains very subjective, the importance of the products chosen to do so will be capitalized according to it. It will also be necessary to do it according to the rules of art for beautiful and silky hair. In order to respect the hair as much as possible and provide the right care, Dessange has developed a luxurious range of hair care: Phytodess. The idea behind their products? Reveal the natural beauty of hair thanks to a formula that respects the environment as well as the scalp. All products are made with a high percentage of ingredients of natural origin, up to 99% in some formulas. “Over time, we have come to realize that to have beautiful hair, you first need a balanced scalp. To strengthen hair, we will not necessarily apply products directly to the hair, but rather to the skull.”she explained.

To bring weak, damaged hair back to life, she’ll recommend a three-month treatment consisting of an anti-hair loss fortifying concentrate to be applied every evening, a fortifying shampoo to be used every two to three days as well as a nutritional supplement treatment to take every morning. It will take about 125 euros for this set of products that will provide real hair reconstruction and deep care in the long run. Indeed, this winning combination will rebalance the hair fiber, moisturize, nourish and provide it with the necessary vitamins. Of course, if this treatment isn’t for you, 12 shampoos, 11 length care products, plus 4 specific anti-hair loss products allow everyone to find a hair routine that suits their hair type.

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The many benefits of Dessange products being promoted, all that remains is to test the range. At their salon on Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt in Paris, we entrusted our hair to the hands of Dessange experts. After going to the shampoo box where our hair is given different treatments, the hairstylist who takes care of us gently brushes it. Once done, the result is amazing: our hair has never been this smooth. They are very light and smell charming. Our hair will also remain soft and smooth to the touch until the next shampoo.

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