How do you keep your hair in good condition?

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9:34 PM, February 21, 2022

How do you take care of your hair on a daily basis? Francois Lally works as a hairdresser. In Bienfait pour vous on Monday, he explains what are the right things to do to have healthy hair and what shampoos to apply according to your hair type. We are evaluating.

Sometimes plucking your hair causes a headache: how do you take care of your hair daily? Curly, straight, bleached, thinning or thick … Each type of hair requires special treatment. Francois Lally hairdresser. explain in Done wellIn Europe 1, how to keep your hair healthy.

And choosing your own shampoo is essential. “It’s important because it responds to a problem. A person with oily hair uses a shampoo that contains clay more often, which will absorb the oil in the hair a bit and also regulate the sebaceous gland. It makes the hair a little dry, a bit rough, so we’d like to put something more on.” Smoothness behind you to soften it.” And if you want to adopt the secrets of hairdressers, make two types of shampoo: the first is cleansing, and the second is treatment.

Should you wash your hair every day if it is greasy?

No, this will not solve your problem. “It amplifies this phenomenon, because the sebaceous gland is active every day. It grows, because the hair reproduces. And the scalp produces oil to protect our hair.” If your body is producing a lot of it, it means that it needs this protection. “Someone who is overproductive knows their skin has a minor problem and asks for extra protection,” adds François Lally.

How many times a week should you wash your hair?

Three days a week is recommended. “If we continue once a week, it is better because we leave the natural protection of the hair,” explains Francois Lally. He adds that some lucky kids never have greasy hair, even if they haven’t washed it.

Wash your hair with cold water or hot water?

Monday. Hot water will open the scales of the hair, making the products penetrate more quickly, and cold water will seal them and make the hair shinier. And if you suffer from a cold, be sure: there is no need to apply it to the scalp. “No need to go to the roots, but at least in half lengths and ends, it’s not bad.” The guide to healthy hair!

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