How do you get the trendy winter 2021 cut straight from the ’70s?

We’ve already discovered the trendiest hair colors of 2022: platinum blonde, strawberry or charcoal blonde and more! But what’s going on in the world of hairstyles? We answer you right away: this winter, we will see everywhere a short women’s haircut that did not fail to seduce celebrities: the mixed haircut! What is it and how is it certified? What do you need to know before taking this step? The editorial staff will tell you all about the fashionable hairstyle for women winter 2021!

What is the trendy mixed-haired or winter 2021 women’s haircut that we will see everywhere this season?

From Rihanna to Demi Lovato, via Miley Cyrus and Úrsula Corberó, many celebrities have worn the short women’s haircut that promises to be the 2021-2022 winter trend and seduces the most daring! But what exactly is it and why is it called a mexi cut? Halfway between the feminine pixie cut and the mullet cut, which is clearly not just for men, this hairstyle brings back the hair trends of the 70s.

Trendy Short Haircut Woman Mixi Cut Demi Lovato Half Pixie Cut and Mullet Hair Cut

As we just mentioned, the blend cut translates to a modern mix of short hairstyles that are still on the rise: the pixie cut and the mullet cut. So we’re talking about a perfect hybrid with a very bold and retro effect! How do you embrace this antique mix? We explain in the following paragraphs!

Women's Hairstyle Trend Trend 2021 Short Mixed Haircut Cut Ursula Corbero

New season, new hairstyle desire! And to get off the beaten track, we present to you a trendy women’s cut Winter 2021 that can’t go unnoticed. But how exactly do we adopt it? Therefore, the blend cut is worn a little longer than the classic pixie in the front, but shorter than the mullet at the back of the neck. What we love most about this hair style is its ability to change the look depending on the point of view. How do ?

Short hair styles for modern women Trendy hairstyle fall-winter 2021 2022 Tips

Viewed from the front, this short cut takes on the pixie look as it is, but seen from the side or from the back, it really does look like a classic mullet due to the asymmetrical lengths and layered hair. A true hybrid, isn’t it? So, do you dare such a provocative look?

Hairstyle Trend Short Hairstyle Demi Lovato Modern Hair Style Trend Hairstyle Woman Winter 2021 Retro Style

Let’s first make it clear that the mixture is suitable for all hair types, whether straight or curly. And although cutting your hair has become a big trend lately, we recommend that you go to a professional who knows the best way to style your hair in order to give it volume and thus maximum movement. Effects are especially important when it comes to looking sporty and daring like a true Hollywood star.

Mixy for straight hair

Trendy hairstyle woman winter 2021 retro style short hair cut woman mullet cut mullet

* Image credit: Instagram jayne_edosalon

In the case of smooth hair, it is important to create more volume and movement. To that end, we prefer curling waves at the tips.

For curly hair

One of the biggest benefits of curly hair is the natural free movement of curls. To achieve success in this trendy women’s winter 2021 haircut, plan more length in the front to prevent the hairstyle from being too short.

However, if you are one of the bold and rebellious girls, we invite you to add especially short bangs. Anyway, it is a trendy hairstyle for women 2021 that does not require much maintenance apart from basic hair hygiene to benefit from the optimum glamorous effect!

Short Hair Styles for Women How to Design a Shaggy Winter 2021 Natural Effect Hairstyle . Miley Cyrus

After we’ve shown you how to embrace the winter 2021 short haircut, we’re moving on to the other important topic: How do we style it? So, when it comes to styling, it is best to use the famous super natural shaggy effect just like Miley Cyrus did in the photo above. Create your own modern short cut with the help of a hair dryer and a few strokes of texturizing spray.

How to wear the Women's Short Hairstyle Trend 2021 Wet Haircut Ursula Corbero

Another way to improve your short haircut is to choose the “wet” effect or the direction of wet hair. A very attractive appearance adopted by Ursula Corbero, star Stealing money, pictured above. To do this, all you need is a gel and you’re done!

What do you need to know before taking this step?

Women's Hairstyle Trends Rihanna Winter 2021 Women's Hairstyle Trends Mix Cut

Certainly, Mix’s story will be the modern woman’s story of 2021 this winter. This also means that this hairstyle is quite “freshening” and that few women have opted for it until now. However, it will continue to evolve and we will undoubtedly see some volatility over the next few weeks. And since this is such a drastic hair change, you’ll probably be afraid to break out. Therefore, we give you two tips. First, be brave and go for the trendy women’s winter 2021 haircut like a real beautician! And secondly, we offer you a “lighter” option: wait a few weeks to follow the evolution of this retro clip that is gradually starting to spread.

Finally, to wear the women’s short haircut for winter 2021 with elegance and liveliness, consider supplements for healthy, shiny and voluminous hair!

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