How do you design and maintain it?

Often spotted on men, the undercut also looks great on women who are looking for a bold haircut. Here are all of our tips for adopting and maintaining this decadent cutting style.

Want an original haircut that has a rock ‘n’ roll look? Bet on the bottom that adapts to all women and all styles thanks to its great versatility. We tell you all about feminine cut undercut.

Undercut: what is it?

The lower part, or “cut below” in English, consists of shaving his hair at the level of the back of the neck. On short or long hair, a bodice is perfect to give a touch Rock and Roll Music For your hair, with the benefit of easy concealability. Because it is one of the tempting assets of cut undermining : length a square cut Enough to hide the shaved part of your head.

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What is the meaning of the cut off?

If undermining first appeared in the early twentieth century in the United Kingdom, it was in 80 years It is very successful. During this decade, the lower part of the hair was mainly worn by men over short hair and it was associated with it villain movement. It is then necessary to wait thirty years for the low-cut cut to be in fashion again, thanks to the starlets who showcased it in style, such as RihannaOr Miley Cyrus, Halle Berry, or even Scarlett Johansson.

to have Successful undermining cutit is recommended Go to your hairdresser Because the back of the head is an area that is not easily accessible to make a homemade haircut. On short or long hair, the bottom adapts to all styles and hair All hair types. Pixie cuts, square cuts, layer lengths or boyish cuts: the undercut will look great in all circumstances. The most daring people can try their hand at the original bottom designs. Graphic fonts, mandalas, romantic flowers or even abstract patterns: unleash your imagination to view a profile cut undermining Character!

Because regrowth is quickly visible shaved hairit is recommended that regularly update undermining To ensure proper length. On the other hand, if you want to allow the lower part to grow out to alter your haircut, maintenance will be less important. If you have long hair, you will only have to hide the lower part of the hair under your lengths, while women with long hair short hair You will simply have to regrow more evenly to get a harmonious cut. Regarding undercut styling, it depends on the nature of your hair. Those who have thin hair You can opt for volumizing products or even a dry shampoo to style the top of your hairstyle. Thus, the additional volume will balance the shaved part of the cut and harmonize the whole. Finally, if you choose the shortcut with long hairThe choices for hairstyles are endless. Ponytail, braids, bun or waves: everything is possible to enhance your hair undercut!

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