How do you adopt a slippery hairstyle like your favorite stars?

Among the hairstyle trends of 2022, women’s slip back hair or short hairlick back hair Win all votes. He has been spotted on the red carpet and fashion shows of major brands like BalmainAnd Versace And DiorFlat scalps are emerging as the new hairstyle phenomenon that you should embrace with your eyes closed this year. Do you find it difficult to reproduce? So, think again fast! It is relatively easy to get hair that is slightly damp and perfectly styled from the back or to the side. All you have to do is choose the right styling products. We tell you everything!

Straight back hair for women, instructions for use

With smooth hair, we break down poetic references of the good kind. And for once, styled back hair isn’t just for men. They’re now investing in women’s lengths and taking themselves from roots to tips for a sure-footed look at the city’s sirens. This glamorous hairstyle (which isn’t new) owes its sophisticated, subtle appeal to the contrast between flattened and slightly dampened roots, while the rest of the hair stays dry, possibly working with a straightener.

Keshako’s back hairstyle?

Fashionable Wiper Back Hairstyles Defining Women Tutorial

For those who haven’t figured it out yet, a back-plucked women’s hair is the hairstyle of the moment! A staple on the catwalks and the red carpet, it’s hard to escape the sleek hair trend. But what exactly is it? This charming and sophisticated transformation consists simply of moving the mane back or to the side with a good styling product. In fact, the roots are coated with the latter while the lengths and ends remain natural. So it’s a semi-wet look but it’s more effective. The only difference? The wet effect stops at the level of the ears. Smooth hair is ideal for perfecting the appearance of the face. In addition, it goes well with both smooth hair and natural curls. Even afro girls can enjoy it. Height is not an excuse not to give in to her.

Back hair broth for whom?

Hairstyle trend woman slick hair sleek back hair 2022

At first glance it’s hard to assume, sleek back hair is relatively easy to achieve. So it’s no wonder that prominent women love to wear it on the red carpet. The mane is generally returned to the level of the ears to enhance the face as well as the make-up. On long or short, curly or straight hair, this hairstyle gives off the look of a mermaid straight from the ocean. In short, we check! So let yourself be drawn to this trend full of sophistication and elegance.

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If you want to embrace the styled back hair trend, rest assured, it is very easy to do. To achieve this, it is first necessary to soften your skin. Then apply styling gel to the roots and leave your lengths as they are. You can curl them without heating with rollers or salt spray. Finally, spray a cloud of hairspray and you’ll be there! Here you are, a chic and elegant hairstyle that will be perfect for your evening. It will pair nicely with your favorite mini dress to be on point.

Our Tips for Easily Adopting Straight Back Women’s Hair

Woman touch back hair product tutorial wet hair back

At the top of hair trends in 2017, sleek hair is back in power in 2022. Originally adopted by men, this style has gone beyond decades with Brio to seduce a slew of women today. And while it looks reserved for the stars on the red carpet, styled back hair can be done at home, too. However, some tips are needed to perfect your stylish look!

Choose the right accessories

Scarlett Johansson Square Gummi Hair Hairstyle For Women Trend 2022 Short Hair

To sublimate her styled back hair, we accessorize. So, after moving the locks on the top of the head and temples, we enhance the ears and clean the face with a good piece of bling-bling inspired jewelry. Another option: You can also re-tie the roots before putting them back together, creating a subtle sleek volume for a wet bodice.

German prep

How to get sleek hair that looks shiny back with a woman's hair

Before daring to wear smooth hair, it is important to prepare your hair in advance. So grab a hair straightener, comb, super strong styling gel or wax as per your liking. We remind you that freshly washed hair is difficult to style. In this case, it would be wise not to wash it beforehand. Use the comb to remove knots, smooth out your lengths and go on to paint.

Use the right technique

Trendy slick hairstyle wet hair looks mop back hair woman

To get sleek back hair, you have to follow the right technique. So, after detangling and detangling the locks, re-brush them to achieve the look you want. Use a little gel to fix everything well. Please leave the latter well to avoid residue and greasy effect. Play at a height by arching the top of the head slightly and pressing the sides well.

Apply the appropriate styling gel

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Styling gel, if applied poorly, can seriously ruin your hairstyle. To avoid loss, it is necessary to choose a quality product. We remind you that wax and varnish are good alternatives to consider. In any case, please use your product in moderation so that the hair can breathe.

Adopt sleek back hair according to your hair

Tips for a successful back slant hairstyle for women 2022 afro hair

At the risk of repeating ourselves, smooth hair has the huge advantage of adapting to almost all hair lengths and types. Even the frisky and afro man is not spared. Of course, it goes best with long, smooth hair. As for short haircuts, they guarantee a look boyish Very trendy. FYI, styled back hair is not only worn. You can tie it in a ponytail or bun, depending on your preference.

Now, here’s the cutest back hair from the stars!

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Wipe the hair back on short hair

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