How do we keep our dear frizzy and flyaway hair?

Decadence – Their scalp is not easy to tame, nor is it to find products suitable for children of mixed races, whose curls can range from beautiful waves to lush afro.

It’s hard to get the exact number. In France, unlike the United States, identification is forbidden “Data (…) that directly or indirectly reveal the racial or ethnic origins of people”, locates Insee. The only indicator that is still highly fragmented is the proportion of “mixed marriages” that accounted for 15.3% of marriages in 2019 according to the same organization, versus 6% in 1950. So we can only get a rough idea of ​​the number of our cherished heads that are wrinkled, wrinkled, or wrinkled. One of these multicultural families. But we know many (fine-haired) moms or dads mess around in front of their offspring’s profuse curls. In these houses, at bath time, shampoo often ends in a fit of tears and in an indomitable chain of knots.

When I opened Bouclet Hair Salon (8 rue Saint-Bon, Paris 8AndAfter the success of her self-proclaimed “Temple of the Ring” site, Alicia Lazri soon saw these parents in distress. “So we decided to dedicate ‘Kids Days’ around a snack with balloons, sweets and colors to teach the little ones to love their hair and their parents to take care of it.” Simple gestures, for example, during the basic stage of detangling, divide the head into several parts, begin to detangle with fingers and then from the ends to the roots, and not vice versa, as is the case for Caucasian hair.

What products should be used for flyaway hair?

The frequency of shampoo is not the same eitherwarns Maika Labinsky, founder of The CurlShop (9 rue Bourgogne, Paris 13And). Once a week is sufficient. Organic and clean formulas are preferred because this type of hair, more porous and brittle, supports even fewer chemicals like silicone wax. Under the child tab of his site, some articles have indicated: “I recently withdrew all formulas containing phenoxyethanol after reading the National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products (ANSM) report that recommends reducing its use, especially in diaper wipes. The precautionary principle!”

Thanks to crossbreeding, their hair has become of many textures. Each episode has specific needs

Kelly Masol, founder of Les Secrets de Loly

Kelly Massol created the natural cosmetics Les Secrets de Loly dedicated to “Public Episodes”, in 2009 in her kitchen to respond to the lack of shelves of produce that adjust to her wrinkle. In 2015, this West Indies native launched her baby group on the birth of her first son. “If you don’t find it for adults, you won’t find it for young children either..» By the end of the month, it will go on sale its new collection for kittens whose curls are more flexible. “Thanks to crossbreeding, their hair has become of many textures. Each ring has special needs »concluded.

lolly secrets lolly secrets

Not even a time to shed tears. This conditioner infused with sweet almond oil detangles knots in the blink of an eye. 15.90 euros in

Madam President Madam President

This vegan baby chewing gum contains vitamins B8, B5 and C, zinc and selenium to prevent breakage while brushing teeth. €22.90 for one month treatment

Wet Detangler wet remover

Always detangle wet hair with a Wet Detangler brush. It is suitable for all types of curls (even smooth hair!).
14.50 euros in

Buyer Buyer

This miracle spray is intended for adults, but its ultra-pure formula enriched with prickly pear allows it to be used on young children.20 euro

Activoling Activilong

The Ti Milkshake leave-in product from the French brand Actvilong is especially suitable for curly and extremely frizzy hair for children from 3 years old. 10.50 euros

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