How dare short hair without regret?

SHORT CUT WOMEN 2022. There are several types of acronyms. Which do you choose when your hair is thick, after the age of 60, depending on the shape of your face? Follow the guide.

All the hairstyle trends for short hair to follow

A short haircut comes in a thousand ways: short, boyish, retro or cool, it personalizes a beauty look. It is up to you to find the one you need to improve your appearance.

Which short haircut to choose?

Every face has its perfect story. A square face prefers a short tapered cut, which adds a touch of femininity. Long faces may be tempted with a cut that creates volume over the head, such as a bowl cut or a pixel cut. Those who want to hide their wide forehead a little will bet on a short cut organized by a fringe. Keeping the length in front (with a fringe or fringe) adds a touch of femininity.

What is the short haircut after 60?

The abbreviation enliven the face. As a result, he is the perfect model for women over the age of 60 who rely on their hair style to give themselves a youthful look. To be fashionable without falling into acne, Choose a short, dense and light haircut such as a pixie cut, Boyish cut or short bob. On the styling side, brush your hair with a soft brush and a bit of styling wax.

What is the short haircut for thick hair?

In order not to highlight the “puffy” side of your hair type, avoid the short and graduated square. Prefer a short cut that loosens the roots and clears the neck, like a boyish cut. Green light for bangs according to the shape of your forehead.

What makeup tips for a short haircut?

To remain super feminine, The brevity should be highlighted with elegant make-up. Smoky eyes, bare mouth, glossy lipstick: we’re playing on styles to improve your look.

Short haircuts require regular appointments with the hairdresser: A few scissors every four to six weeks Required to maintain the cutting structure. For hair styling, you can use styling products on a daily basis and play with the effects of texture.

All models of short haircuts

Discover more ideas for short hairstyles to twist your hair. Your turn now!

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