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Moved by criticism from some netizens about her daughter’s hair, actress Ariana Bruder responds in an Instagram post.

It’s been 5 years since French actress Ariane Bruder rolled the perfect love spell with rugby player Fulgens Ouedraogo. On March 22nd, the young actress made an adorable statement to her sweetheart on the occasion of her birthday.
5 years. Before I thought this Prince Charming story was like a Santa Claus story, a story that gives hope to all the disappointed bachelors (like me at the time)…” She wrote on her Instagram post.

If the two lovers seem happier than ever, their romance has earned them some criticism at times. Which does not fail at the reaction of Ariane Broder who is still amazed to see that some people are not used to the idea of ​​mixed couples. “It has always amazed me that we are not part of the first generation of mixed couples. There, we are not even in a religious or other matter. It’s really skin.” I explained in an interview with Télé-Loisirs.

Ariane Bruder responds to the criticism once and for all

Today, Ariane Broder and her boyfriend are happy parents to a 3-year-old boy, Pauline, and a little girl, Beren, born a year later.
Last year, the actress was happy to see a close relationship between her children. Despite their young age, these have not escaped the criticism of netizens. In a photo posted on her Instagram account, Ariane Broder decided to respond to some’s comments about her daughter’s hair.
“Why don’t you straighten your daughter’s hair? She will be beautiful.” The user writes. Comment which made the young mother react.
“Straightening the hair of a 3-year-old girl? Are there really people who do this? Little curls are so beautiful, why would I want to change that?” She hung a picture of her with her daughter in her arms.
Host Vincent Cerruti, himself the father of a mixed-race daughter, also gave him his support. “Our little ones have time to stay naturally healthy and beautiful” he wrote.

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