Here’s why your hair doesn’t grow more than a certain length

You, too, have tried everything in order to get that long-awaited hair length? However, after trying the hair care and other amazing tips found in your favorite experts, nothing worked. It is as if your hair is stagnant.

The exact splitting of our hair, what is it?

On Instagram, hairstylist Tom Smith gave an explanation of this phenomenon that no one understands. “You should know that your hair is in a cycle of continuous growth, and then shedding,” he explains, before adding: “Each hair will grow for several months before being replaced by new hair. This will determine the average length.”

If it is unavoidable, it is also due to microfractions. It would be nice to cut off our ends for better regrowth, These little breaks are invisible. “It happens on your hair without you even realizing it,” we can also read on on the expert’s Instagram account. “This may mean that although the hair grows from the root, its length may be stunted due to breakage at the ends.”

How do we avoid the exact splitting of our hair?

Now that we know this, we’re doomed stagnation of the same hair length ? Hope is not lost according to Tom Smith. It is just about changing your habits. For example, the way you break up tangles necessarily plays a role. “Be sure to design your tips nicely,” he explains on his social media networks. “Put layers of serums and oils to keep it supple and use strengthening treatments regularly.”

If this is a well-known tip from hairdressers, Tom Smith also reminds us: Avoid styling your hair regularly when in contact with heat. In fact, hair dryers and straighteners or curlers should be used occasionally, or even very rarely, to make sure hair stays healthy and doesn’t break.

In short, here are the right things to keep in mind to achieve perfect hair growth without difficulty:

  • Gently detangles the ends of the hair
  • Use the serum regularly to strengthen your hair
  • Avoid hot appliances when styling

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