Here are 5 bad habits that damage them permanently!

Hair: Immediately stop these 5 bad habits that you destroy for life! Hairdressers can’t stand it anymore…

People Act Exclusively reveals the Five Good Practices and Five Bad Practices for Keeping Your Hair Healthy!

Your hair is dry, brittle and dull despite all the care you give it? If the problem isn’t a lack of fluids, it could be your little habits.

So says Michael Kramer, creator and hair expert on her Tik Tok account. Now for healthy and soft hair. Discover the five practices that you absolutely must change starting today.

Don’t wash your hairbrush

It is important to disinfect the hairbrush regularly. In fact, over time, this tool accumulates hair residue, dust, dead cells, products… .. and if not cleaned properly, it can end up transmitting diseases, diseases, and scalp allergies.

Hair brush

Therefore, to help you avoid this kind of problem, you must first remove the parts stuck in the bristles of the brush. If the brush is plastic, soak it in soap for 20 minutes.

To properly disinfect it, you can also soak it in a mixture of 1 liter of water and 1 tablespoon of bleach.

Then, to clean it well, use an old toothbrush (preferably every 15 days). For wooden brushes, the ideal is to wash them in the traditional way. In fact, despite their resistance to moisture, they can end up rotting from soaking.

hair towel

Do not use a heat hair iron

From now on, heat protectant spray is an essential product in the routine of people who regularly use hair dryer, straightener….

In fact, the use of such devices can damage your hair and make it brittle and brittle. Before using the heating device, it is necessary to use a product that provides thermal protection.

hair straightener

It is preferable to use a rubber latex for your hair

Have you ever worn this type of rubber? You may regret it very quickly. In fact, tying your hair with latex rubber bands is a habit that should be abandoned ASAP. They quickly cling to your hair strands and weaken them.

hair elastics

Use a regular towel to dry your hair

Do you think the material of the towel has no effect on your hair? This is a mistake ! In fact, we recommend using a microfiber towel. This fabric absorbs up to twice as much moisture as the traditional cotton version.

Hair Dryer

Use a hair dryer and flat iron

Another common threat…the use of hair dryers and their vocabulary. It actually straightens the hair without damaging it.


“In this case, you should be careful not to pass the straightener on wet or damp hair and always use a product that protects the hair from excessive heat. For curly, frizzy and wavy hair, it is advisable to equip the hair dryer with a diffuser to facilitate styling and avoid split ends.” He explains. influencer.

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