Hair transplant results after 10 years

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What does a hair transplant look like after 10 years? Why choose the Cosmedica procedure? Whether the results are after 2 months, 6 months or 10 years, together we will see everything you need to know about hair transplantation after surgery.

Hair transplantation is a simple cosmetic surgery that consists of removing hair follicles from an area with high hair density (called the donor area) to transfer it to the receiving area (stripping area).

To monitor the final result, it is necessary to wait at least 6 months or even 1 year. Indeed, before admiring her beautiful hair, you must first face itching, falling transplanted hairs and the appearance of scabs after planting.

To know all about hair transplantation after 10 years, here it is!

Hair transplant results during the first year

The evolution of hair transplantation as well as the results observed after one year:

  • Hair transplant after 15 days: Scaling occurs in the grafted area in addition to irritation and itching. In addition, redness appears in the donor and transplanted areas. These are normal reactions after transplanting hair follicles into the scalp.
  • Hair transplant after two months: The transplanted hair falls out but do not panic, it is part of the hair life cycle. Indeed, the fall of the follicles after hair transplantation is a mandatory path in the patient’s recovery.
  • Hair transplant after 3 months: The transplanted hair gradually emerges from the scalp. Re-growth is slow but the new man is thicker and healthier.
  • Hair transplant after 6 months of: Implantation is 70% complete.
  • Hair transplant after one year: The implantation is 100% complete and the hair takes its final shape.

Before hair transplant Turkey after

Thus, after one year, thanks to the photo taken during the diagnosis, you can finally estimate the change in hair by comparing before / after.

Hair transplant results after 10 years

As described above, one year after transplantation, the hair is fully mature and then can be styled without fear of falling out or not growing again.

If everything goes as planned during the post-transplant process, the results should still be there after 10 years.

Everything explains the fact that the grafts are taken from the back of the skull. In this area, the follicles are very resistant to the hormones that cause hair loss. This is the reason why baldness occurs in the front of the skull while the hair remains at the back of the head.

In conclusion, after 10 years of hair transplantation, it is no longer possible to distinguish between the transplanted hair and the rest of the hair.

What are the tips for a successful hair transplant after 10 years?

The day after the hair transplant operation, it is important to follow the recommendations and advice of the surgeon. Also, remember that a poor lifestyle encourages hair loss and slows down the regrowth of hair follicles.

In order to maintain the benefits of hair transplantation for as long as possible, the following are recommended:

  • Respect the instructions and treatments your surgeon prescribes.
  • Check your hair regularly (once a year).
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Use appropriate hair products.

A valuable advice during the hair transplantation process is to avoid sleeping in sensitive areas. How do you sleep after the operation? Well, it is recommended to use the pillow provided by the clinic on the first nights and to favor the positions slightly to the side to maximize the effects of the implant.

Hair transplant after 10 years: a second intervention is necessary?

It is necessary to remember that hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that aims to correct an aesthetic problem but does not in any way reduce the effects of baldness.

Therefore, the need for a second intervention is adapted to each patient’s condition. If the patient suffers from severe baldness, one operation may not be enough to compensate for areas that have become bald after 10 years. Therefore, it is better to perform a hair transplant after the baldness has settled.

Namely, a good surgeon must take into account the possible development of hair loss in order to prevent a second intervention.

Where do you do hair transplantation in Turkey?

Hair Transplant Turkey D

While no hair transplant clinic can guarantee a 100% success rate, Cosmedica, a premium clinic based in Istanbul, Turkey, guarantees a 98% survival rate.

Founded and run by Dr. Levent Akar, the clinic is on the cutting edge of technology. Affordable, a surgeon emeritus will take care of you with over 19,000 hair transplants to his credit. Dr. Akar has received recognition and recognition for his work, and has been the recipient of numerous medical awards and honors. Having been awarded the Best Hair Transplant Customer Service in Turkey for 7 consecutive years, he personally supervises each of his clinic operations.

The prices of hair transplant operations from Cosmedica are not high compared to their counterparts in the international markets. Thanks to the packages offered by Cosmedica Clinic, you will be escorted throughout your stay, being picked up at the airport and accommodated in a 5-star hotel in Istanbul.

Summary: Key points to remember about hair transplantation after 10 years

In conclusion, the new techniques of capillary transplantation make it possible to treat the most pronounced baldness. For this you have to be patient, because the result of hair transplantation is final after one year.

The result should still be visible 10 years before hair transplantation. To ensure this, it is highly recommended that you follow our advice for a successful hair transplant, but above all choose a first-class clinic that specializes in this field.

Cosmedica clinic in Turkey is one of the best options for hair transplant at low cost for you. By combining techniques, knowledge and results, prices at Cosmedica remain 2 times cheaper than in France.

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