Hair aging: How do you restore your youthful hair after 50 years?

Applied to the hair root, this serum doubles the “boosting” actions allowing dull hair to regain its density. Its secret lies in its composition, which combines plant extracts, vitamins, proteins and minerals. The results are manifold: after several uses, the hair regains its vitality and resistance and the capillary mass gains in volume.

Sisley Hair Rituel – Energizing Scalp Strengthening Serum


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Phytodess Balancing Serum

Made with 99% natural ingredients, this serum promises thicker, fuller hair after just 3 weeks of use. The complex of active ingredients permanently acts on the factors responsible for hair loss and deeply moisturizes the scalp.

Phytodess – Balancing Serum

Against daily attacks

Revitalizing serum from Christophe Robin

Enriched with prickly pear oil, this elixir takes care of dry hair and protects it from split ends. It is especially used for hair that is weakened by heating devices because it protects it from heat up to 230 degrees.

Christophe Robin – Revitalizing Serum

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Dr. Barbara Storm Super Anti-Aging Scalp Serum

Just like skin care products, Dr. Barbara Storm’s hair range gives a great place to clean formulas, with ingredients of natural origin, carefully selected for their ultra-effective effect. Darter extracts, sea water and hollow extracts fortify hair and protect it from heat and daily aggressions, while hyaluronic acid improves hydration.

Barbara Storm – Super Anti-Aging Scalp Serum


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Wella Calming Elements Serum

Intended for all hair types, this serum, made up of 98% of natural ingredients, can be used preventively to moisturize the scalp, give it volume and protect it from damage caused by external factors. Special note for its fresh and delicate scent with mandarin notes.

Wella Calming Serum

31 EUR

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Against fine hair

The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Hair Serum

This plant-based serum contains everything that hair needs (vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc.), and multiplies the good actions: it thickens, strengthens the hair texture and gives it volume. Plus: Its straw makes it easy to use.

The Ordinary – Intense Multi-Peptide Hair Serum

18 EUR

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Grow Gorgeous Original Thickening Serum

Rice protein, hyaluronic acid, organic pea extract or even Chinese skullcap: these are the ingredients that make up this treatment that work together to revitalize, moisturize and volumize hair. Capillary mass acquires volume and luster.

Grow Gorgeous – Original Thickening Serum


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Rosegold hair growth serum

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