Hair – 3 neckties to make summer hairstyles a success

On short or long hair, finding the perfect summer hairstyle isn’t always easy. Here are three examples of sparkly hair ties, for playing naiads at the beach or by the pool, why not, from Spring Break 2022.

Whether you’re going on vacation to a desert island, a great beach in France or on the other side of the world, a house with a pool and lots of friends, or a great camping site with water games and a giant pool, in a nutshell, what’s the destination, we women have Shared mission: How do we style our hair so we don’t look like an old dog when we get out of the water?

Some might say that this is not a problem. Well, yes, it is! It’s no wonder that every year major hairstyling brands compete in prowess to concoct the most innovative beach hairstyles. Patterned braids or structured mats, buns of all kinds, elastic bands, barrettes… There is no shortage of solutions to find your perfect hairstyle. Here are three names signed by Camille Albani, Franck Provost and Dessange, three big names in the French hairstyling business.

1. The Bohemian Spirit of Daesang

A series of braids and braids made on loose hair where styles and techniques accumulate and intertwine to form intricate yet wild embroidery. Instinctive and whimsical, this set of ties reinforced with colorful rubber sublimates the Dessange Californian Balayage to better reveal the reflections and patterns of chiaroscuro. Play with the asymmetry between tight braids and intentionally loose braids. But also by playing the color card by choosing rubber bands of different shades, why not even shine! The main thing is to dare and assume!

© Hairstyle DessangeBohemian “soul” hairstyle

2. Camille Albany’s Easy-to-Stylish Cake

Don’t be fooled by appearances…this immaculate sized bun subtly attached at the nape of the neck hides her game well. navel : Here, the polished lengths move naturally while the micro locks rotate around the face. In a bohemian chic spirit, this relaxed tie, neither static nor fuzzy, lives to the rhythm of the person wearing it and will hold up to swimming and beach games very well.

Easy and elegant cake
© Camille AlbanyEasy and elegant cake that is easy to prepare

3) Frank Provost’s twisted ponytail

This gorgeous bow tie, by Fabien Provost, begins with a wrap at the top and continues into a round braid with four strands, on the lengths and ends. In other words, it is very easy to make your own. Finish it off with an elastic band in the color of your choice or, for evening, with a pretty ribbon that matches your outfit. the above: Apply Huile Sublime Oléo Actuve Oil to the lengths to nourish and add unparalleled shine.

Ponytail review and correction in the style of Franck Provost
© Photo Franck ProvostPonytail review and correction in the style of Franck Provost

Image credits: Pictures by Franck Provost, Camille Albani and Dessange

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