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Who does not dream of long, silky hair that exudes health? Our hair is our children and our personality trait. Without them, we would be completely lost. They are our allies to be very hot in all seasons, but they are also our loyal soldiers in depression. Yes, yes, we are talking about the radical change of haircut After breaking up or wanting a fresh start. What is certain is that we love our hair and would do anything for it, like grow it. We want to see them grow a few centimeters long and give us a sulfur custom for the return of sunny days. To make your dreams come true, we reveal to you the ten rules of a hair routine who improves hair grow.

How does your hair grow faster?

The maintenance of our hair should not be taken lightly. For hair growth, you have to give yourself the means. They deserve to be pampered. For this, it is necessary to adopt the right hair routine. This is to be neglected under any circumstances. As superficial as it may sound, having a good hair routine keeps our hair healthy. When we talk about this so-called routine, we mean adopting the right care and gestures to ensure that nothing is missed. It is not enough to give them a weekly mask. We must first analyze the needs of our hair in order to best meet them. Depending on the nature of these products, our products will also have to be adapted to design them as required. In other words, if we want Our hair grows fasterWe must pay special attention to them and not skimp on the means.

The role of dieting in hair growth

In addition to choosing treatments and procedures for Our hair growsOur diet should not be neglected. Certain foods are known to promote hair growth or, conversely, slow it down. For example, foods rich in iron will be our allies for healthy hair and make us gain a few centimeters. We can also count on Brewer’s yeastIt is rich in B vitamins that are necessary for the keratin that makes up the hair fiber. On the contrary, and unfortunately, coffee and tea do not do much for our religion. Because ? Some of its components inhibit the iron that we consume. This leads to potential deficiencies that can make us lose our hair. As a rule, for our body, if we want healthy hair, we must have a healthy and varied diet that provides us with everything it needs for growth.

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The Ten Rules of a Hair Routine That Improves Hair Growth

Ladies, tie your hair up (or not), it will grow here.

  1. Apply the shampoo to the vacuum at least every two days. Washing our hair too often increases sebum production, which helps our scalp.
  2. Massage your scalp while shampooing. When you wash your hair, treat yourself to a small circular massage on the skull. This gesture will stimulate the micro-circulation which will make our hair grow faster.
  3. Feed her at length twice a week. Using a mask according to your hair needs, straighten your ends! Leave it on for 20 minutes before rinsing it off after shampooing, to give them a little lively.
  4. Finish washing your hair with cold water. After you have finished washing your hair, rinse it with cold water. This tightens the scales of the hair fibers.
  5. Avoid sources of heat. Between straightening, curling, and drying, our hair isn’t spared from the heat. If you want it to grow faster, you will have to limit your use of such heating devices.
  6. Choosing the right hair brush. We neglect these details a little bit. But to grow our hair, we prefer to use a bristle brush. Helps make our hair shiny and gently detangles.
  7. protect them from the sun. With the beautiful days ahead, it will be necessary to limit the damage. For this, we apply a highly nourishing remedy that we leave on throughout the day. You can even use a sunscreen spray.
  8. Update your tips. Every two or three months, treat yourself to an appointment with your hairstylist to cut your perks. This routine will revitalize our hair.
  9. Comb your hair morning and evening. If your hair type allows it, then you should follow this habit. Thus, we rid our hair of dust that prevents our hair from growing freely.
  10. Take nutritional supplements. This little gum will be your allies in strengthening your hair and providing you with all the nutrients needed for growth.

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