Get a dreamy mane with the organic brand Hairlust

Made in France straight from Denmark, this new brand will revolutionize your hair routine. Hairlast offers healthy products with a clean formula to care for all hair types. Whether you are a man or a woman, and whatever your hair type, there is bound to be a Hairlust product that meets your needs.
This young brand now arrives in France and brings with it a wind of freshness and modernity, offering certified organic, vegan shampoos and treatments without sulfates, parabens or silicones. Hairlust maintains your hair sustainably, in a gentle, natural way.
Discover our favorite brand’s range of products.

Hair growth and repair shampoo

This gentle shampoo comes with a healthy formula to preserve the most fragile, damaged and brittle hair. Certified Organic, specially formulated for fine hair that lacks vitality, it promises to deeply repair the hair fibre, while promoting hair growth.
Gentle on the skin thanks to aloe vera extracts Hair growth and repair It will soothe the scalp and limit any risks of irritation.
It is used two to three times a week, and results can be seen in just 21 days.
We absolutely love her pink and pink packaging!
Look beautiful hair and display your body proudly thanks to the shampoo Hair growth and repair!

Hair growth and repair conditioner

In addition to shampoo, this conditioner enhances the effect of the range and brings softness and shine to the hair. As it is organic, it allows the hair to be healthier and more resistant. Without parabens, sulfates or silicones, it perfectly complements your hair care routine and acts like a little extra, allowing them to regain strength and volume. After each use, the hair is easy to detangle and style.

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hair growth gum

Getting beautiful long hair also goes from the inside! To get all the benefits of the range hair grow, And to maximize your results, we love these vegan-based biotin and zinc gummies. Shaped like raspberries, this strawberry-flavored mini dessert should be eaten 3 times a day. Free from artificial colors and flavors, this sugar free gum takes care of your hair from the inside, for a brilliant result on the outside. Sweet tasting, we never tire of these nutritional supplements that look like real foods.
For those who still prefer a more traditional version, these supplements also exist in tablet form that can be swallowed.

curly hair range

With several categories, Hairlust also offers a complete special care routine for curly hair. From shampoos to leave-in creams, you’ll find everything you need to maintain your hair and get your curls nourished and defined within just a few weeks of use. Always vegan and with an ultra-pure formula, Curly Range respects the most fragile hair and restores strength and vitality, for healthy curls that will become manageable and tamed.

Several other products are available on the brand’s website, such as eyelash and eyebrow growth-stimulating serums, anti-frizz shampoo treatments, and even massage brushes.
But also a complete set for men’s beards and hair.
To find the combination of your dreams, take advantage of organic and respected hair care products from Hairlust, a new brand that will soon become the star of your bathroom!

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