Fragile, brittle, rebellious: 5 misconceptions about fly-away hair

Coarse hair does not grow

forged. Despite its wide spread, this received idea has absolutely no validity. Like all hair types, flyaway hair grows well. the problem? On contact with water or moisture, the hair retracts on itself – we are talking about “shrinkage” – and it is visually difficult to estimate the few centimeters gained …

Frizzy hair is more resistant

forged. On the contrary, curly hair is very fragile. Because ? Its extreme thinness and its atypical spiral shape that prevents sebum from flowing well from roots to ends … But the role of sebum is to protect the scalp and hair fibers from drying out. Dry and brittle – often exposed to hot styling appliances – frizzy hair tends to break. Instead of mistreating them, we pamper them

When you have curly hair, it is better to wash it frequently

forged. Washing your hair as infrequently as possible is not helpful at all. Curly hair – even more than others – tends to trap dust, pollution, dirt, cosmetic residues, etc. which will accumulate and chokes the scalp. with the key? Dryness, irritation, peeling.. the right rhythm? Shampoo every week (or every 15 days).

Curly hair is full of knots

forged. If it is known that they are difficult to separate, itIt is actually because their design requires appropriate tools and techniques. A wide-toothed comb can eliminate larger knots, and an afro (long-toothed) comb will allow your finish to be taken care of. Another imposter? It is necessary to take into account the nature of curly and very dry hair, which tends to sweat more. To remedy this, we think about moisturizing our hair well to nourish it deeply, sealing scales… and making styling easier.

For curly hair on top, oil is the best ally

forged. Double up on oils, conditioners, and other fatty tissues during long breaks isn’t necessarily the best option. Admittedly, curly hair is dry and needs hydration. But too much care kills care! No need to overdose on your cosmetics because hair is unable to absorb an excess of care and risks suffocating due to too many products or frequent care. Another problem? Some very greasy treatments (targeting frizzy hair by marketing) may contain liquid Vaseline, which has an occlusive and suffocating effect. What you need to remember is that curly hair especially needs hydration (not necessarily oil).

Afro is beautiful when you have curly hair, it’s natural

forged. Practicing a sublime afro takes more care than it seems! A bit like a shaggy hairstyle (more elaborate than it looks), getting a beautiful afro requires special care and meticulous techniques. To get the afro on top, it is essential to take care of her beautiful hair by conditioning her hair, to ensure you get a nice bounce and Well-defined curls – This rarely happens, of course. In order to maintain a harmonious haircut, it is necessary to regularly pass through the hairdressing box.

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